8th Apr 2006, 11:23

I think everything is relative when talking about "weak" engines.

For example, if the original poster was coming from, say, a six or eight cylinder car the Kia would seem slow even if in reality it isn't.

I have a Chevy Aveo with 103 hp and I don't think it's slow at all, but if someone was coming from an eight cylinder Cadillac they might.

9th Apr 2006, 10:22

Absolutely true. Also be careful about dealer's own test "loop", especially if you don't know the area. These are usually short distances without much challenge for the car, and the dealer will insist on taking that route. But you are the buyer and should have the say so at all times regarding the test drive.

That said, I've had some dealers that wanted to go for an extended test drive either because they were bored or that they simply loved the way the car handled. Mini was one of those cars - the dealer was a former SCCA racer.

28th Jul 2006, 19:07

You've got the same engine as my Hyundai Elantra "GT" (I disagree with adding GT because it's a hatch... but whatever)

I have to admit, I have felt sluggishness at some points, but I am not too worried.

The car is not as nervous as a Civic, even if the engine is bigger. However, unlike the Civic, I can drive normally keeping the RPM in between 2000 to 3500, and end up doing 500km on the full tank, which isn't all that bad.

Also I think the car has great low RPM power for its class.

On 5th gear, 100km, I do not need to downshift to pass someone.

It feels a little lazy, but it runs great.

The good news with my Hyundai is it never let me down.

And I go skiing, or go to work with winters that can go down to -30 degrees... It has ALWAYS started beautifully.

Handling is fantastic as long as you have better than dealership tires.

Remember the price range... Remember the engine size.

BTW... did you test drive it? Did it have more power during the test drive?

27th Oct 2006, 17:09

I just want to say I bought a 2005 Spectra 5 new and have 47K miles on it, and I really like the car. It's not a V-8 or a race car, but it gets me from point A to B fast enough for me. And I have had no problems with it at all.

The comment about factory tires is correct. I think though. Handled real bad in snow, but still got me there and back. Had to do some serious fiddling with it though. This year I got some new tires - $625, so we'll see.

I like the car. I like the car a lot. It actually surprised me too.

13th Nov 2006, 16:19

I purchase my Kia Spectra 5 back in May of 2005. I loved it and still do. It is surprisingly roomy for a busy family of 5. I use it to commute an average of 740 km a week. I have 53,000 KM on it. I really enjoy the sound system and versatile seating and I have never 'cramped up' on a long drive (8+ hours). I do have a big large beef with the quality of the paint. I have never seen paint on a car scratch so easily!! I have to now get the car detailed often so as to keep up it's appearances. Another beef I have is not after a few months of proud ownership, did the front grille start peeling (which warranty won't cover) and the pretend chrome plate above the grille bubbled on one corner. I found that for economy, this car is five stars. I have yet to find a negative about it's mechanical, knock on wood.

4th May 2007, 16:20

Great car good price.

12th Oct 2007, 18:17

I bought my Spectra 5 new and now, nearly 3 years later, have had only two problems. Both covered by warranty. Power window motor in driver's door was replaced and the front wind dam started to come off. It took some convincing on my part, but they covered it. Keep an eye on the bolt holding the dam in the front wheelwell. Especially the driver's side. Keep it tight. Mine shook loose and the whole thing started to fall off. All better now though. I also invested in some Blizzak tires for winter and HOLY COW!! Do those things work some magic! I could go anywhere and do most anything in icy and snowy conditions. Truely an amazing transformation! All-in-all I love my 5..It's quick enough, gets decent (not great) mileage and has amazing passenger room...