14th Oct 2009, 21:42

I bought a 2001 Kia Sportage in 2008. I haven't had any serious problems, until now. The sub frame on the right hand side, by the back wheel is broke in half. This vehicle should have a recall for such a serious problem. What I can I do about this?

21st Oct 2009, 08:16

I purchased my Kia Sportage in July 2009. My radio has already died, a radio. I was told all radios in Kias are "refurbished" then they changed that to "they come off the line new." but the replacements are refurbished and that is all they have to offer, none are new, "but don't worry, all the components are new."

I bought a Kia, thinking that if I bought "foreign" I would not have as much bad luck as I have had with domestic cars. But after only 3 months and the radio goes, I am beginning to worry.

To add insult to injury, they put 3 screwdriver marks and scratches along my dash when they took out the radio.

15th Feb 2010, 13:47

I bought a new 2009 KIA Sportage and love it... no complaints thus far!

17th Mar 2010, 10:31

One of the handiest, convenient cars I've had in a long time.

Really enjoy all aspects of this Sportage!!

7th Apr 2010, 01:10

I think my 2008 Sportage is a good value for the money, but I do agree the seats can be uncomfortable on long trips. I am used to driving military and police vehicles, so it does not bother me much.

25,000 miles and not one mechanical defect or problem on mine, plus I paid $15,999 for a new LX with some options added.

27th May 2012, 01:04

You do not state the age of this vehicle, but if it is within the warranty, you should take it to the dealer. If not, you'll need to get it welded to render it roadworthy, as this appears to be a substantial structural problem.