10th May 2007, 19:15

I bought my 2007 Sportage LX in October 2006. It is the 6-cylinder, FWD model. I have 12,000km (about 7500 miles) on it so far. The seats are not as comfortable as I would like, especially on long drives, otherwise no complaints so far. I was hoping the gas mileage would be better and just hope it will improve with time. As we all know too well, the posted gas mileage by the manufacturer bears no relation to "real world" fuel consumption.

7th Jun 2007, 20:35

Dear UK, you should return your car and get another. My KIA sportage has been excellent. On long trips I've gotten much better mpg than expected. While drafting behind trucks I got 31.4 mpg, once I got into the North Carolina Mtns between Bristol and Asheville it dropped to 27 and driving around the suburbs and city of Atlanta I get 24.8. these are all very good numbers and the build quality is very nice, I've had Mercedes, VW, Peugeot and Renault cars and don't miss them at all. Currently for work I'm driving a Ford F150 crew cab, nice and roomy and all that, but I still like my Sportage EX more. Good luck on your exchange, it sounds like you got a lemon amongst many a peach.

25th Jun 2007, 17:04

It would be very difficult to convince a dealer to exchange the car for another. Unless the repair problems fall under "lemon laws" the dealer has no obligation to exchange the car.

17th Jul 2007, 13:18

I purchased a 2006 KIA SPORTAGE brand new August of 2006, three weeks later the air conditioning quit working, kept blowing out hot air. Yesterday, for the 7th time it is back with the same problem. Has any on had problems with their air conditioning for this make of KIA? I contacted the MO Lemon Law attorney today. Am waiting on a phone call from him.

C. Swat in MO.

18th Mar 2008, 14:24

Bought a 2006 Kia Sportage in Oct. of 2005. Accessory outlets didn't work. Kia replaced fuses several times and then told me it was electrical and they didn't have a clue. Since then have replaced an oxygen sensor, alternator, rear window wiper motor, ESP sensor (twice) and now a mass airflow sensor. My car died on the highway with cars barreling down on me at 70 mph. Yikes! Kia (at this point) refuses to consider "buying back" my vehicle, but graciously has agreed to keep fixing everything that goes wrong as long as its under warranty. Sorry, not acceptable to me. I specifically bought the Sportage because of the 10 yr/100,000 mile warranty and even paid extra for the extended warranty. Can't guess at how much time and money I've lost sitting in Kia's service dept or renting cars while waiting for repairs to be completed. The people at JD Powers obviously have never owned a Kia!!!

19th Apr 2008, 09:59

I have a 2006 Kia Sportage. After one year the car would stall when slowing down on a curve. I was told that this was due to cheap gas leaving residue inside the engine. When it stalled on the expressway I was a bit more exuberant with my complaints and they attempted to fix the problem. They only really started to pay attention to the problem after keeping the car and having a mechanic drive it himself. They could not fix the problem until they saw it happen themselves. This took quite a while and when my car was returned to me several weeks later there was quite a bit of mileage on the car. In fairness I should say I did receive a loaner vehicle during this wait. They said that there was a problem with the electrical system, but due to the many different computer pathways they could not find the problem. It took some kind of international Internet hookup with experts out of town (I am not making this up) to find and fix this problem. I have the car 2 yeas now. I like the way it rides but, at the 30000 mile maintenance the fee is 500 dollars and they want another 500 dollars to replace the brakes. I will not buy another Kia.

25th Apr 2008, 13:26

April 25, 2008


We own a 2006 KIA Sportage. The end of last summer we started having trouble with our air conditioner. It blew out cool/warm air on occasion. Then it just cleared up on its own. No problems over the winter. Even cancelled the appointment for repair. The service department stated that it needed to be problematic to bring it in for service. Well as misfortune would have it, the air gave out last week. We got the car in for service on April 12, 2008. We sat around the service department for about 4 hours before we were told they were having trouble resolving the problem. The dealership provided us with a loner car. Today is a week now they have had our car. Apparently, the parts ordered didn't work. We were told it was an electrical nightmare. But, we have complete confidence in our KIA Service Department/Dealership. We are glad they are trying in ernest to resolve the problem instead of giving the car back to us just to get it out of their hands, or meet a time-line. They were gracious to us while we waited in the shop, and have been forthcoming regarding the state of repairs. While we would have liked a quick and speedy resolution. We feel happy to have such a great KIA staff. We have had no other problems with our KIA.

Thank You For Your Time


26th Apr 2008, 04:08

Dear Malaysia, the Kia Sportage is an awesome car. It's full with comfort... it's like heaven, although there are people who don't like this car.. I still like it... You can purchase it with no worries.

4th May 2008, 21:22

I have a 2000 Sportage. While driving 2 days ago, it quit. It was as if the gas was not getting to the engine. I have never had problems before and I don't feel like my car owes me anything BUT if anyone knows what to do, and can tell me, that would be awesome. It won't turn over at all and its not the battery. common problems? thanks - Debbie.

4th Feb 2009, 13:51

We leased a 2006 Kia Sportage and enjoyed it. My main complaint is the brakes. With only 25,000 miles I had to have the rear brakes and rotors replaced. The front brakes are not that good either but are passable. We are turning it in in about 30 days as the lease is up.

Again my biggest gripe... Replacing brakes at only 25,000 miles and with only 30 days left before lease is up.

6th Jun 2009, 02:01

We bought a 2006 Kia Sportage and have nothing but problems. Had it back at the dealers yesterday for the 8th time in the last 6 months!! We purchased it as a demo and we have only had it serviced at the dealers since. Problems didn't start until after last years service when they admitted to 'overfilling the oil' and it smoked like a chimney afterwards. Since then, it smokes upon start up every time which is very embarrassing and after 7 times at the dealer, we were finally told yesterday that it was our fault as it had 'cheap' oil - not sure how as only Kia has refilled the oil unless they are using rubbish - and it will cost us $3.500 (Aus) to rectify the problem which is not covered under the warranty. CAVEAT EMPTOR - Let the buyer beware!! Don't buy Kia until you research it first. Wish we had, as although it is a lovely car to drive - it is a true lemon!!