6th Jun 2009, 10:58

It's a Kia, what did you expect? They're not likely to use synthetic oil in such a cheap car.

4th Jan 2010, 16:39

Better keep up with all recommended services as written in manual (ie, mileage to replacement items) because KIA will not do any warranty work if it is not strictly followed.

5th Jan 2010, 17:20

"We purchased it as a demo"

NEVER BUY A DEALER DEMO!! I find it ridiculous when people buy a dealer demo and think they are getting an awesome deal. Dealer's treat demo's like crap. The money you save on the car you buy will be used to replace the parts that were prematurely worn out.

17th Mar 2010, 09:57

I bought the 2006 Sportage in late 2005, and it has been a generally reliable vehicle, but nothing is perfect.

When we first got it, the radio wasn't wired to the antenna, but the dealer rectified it quickly.

The "check engine" light has occasionally come on. This is related to the gas cap, and fiddling with the cap and turning the engine off and on again has solved the problem.

And, recently, an intake hose came off, causing the engine to "stutter" when starting from full stop.

Currently our front brakes are getting worn down, and we were advised to service them in the spring. This will be the first repair, and the car has about 70,000 kms on it.

KIA's service department has dealt with all of the minor issues quickly and courteously, and I am very satisfied. I would buy the car again if I had the choice.

24th Mar 2010, 12:33

I own a Kia Sportage 2007, I have over 150,000 klms on it and I would buy another one tomorrow. I had owned a 2003 and racked up over 250,000 klms in 4 years. I have never had any serious problems that could not be resolved quickly and to my satisfaction.

I am a hard driver and clock plenty of highway miles. These vehicles are great, priced right and reliable with great fuel mileage. I have many friend who have also purchased them. Every model or make has some with problems; it does not mean the model is flawed.

18th Apr 2010, 16:32

My wife and I both bought Kias in 2006. She drives a Sedona Van. Her car had computer problems the first month after we purchased it.

At 26,000 miles we had to replace all the brakes and tires, even though we had tires rotated at proper times indicated.

Other than that, her van has been a very nice vehicle. I have been much happier with my Sportage until today. It only has 19,400 miles on it.

The brakes are grinding badly, so I know an expensive repair bill will face me in the next few days. I don't understand why brakes should wear out so quickly.

I was treated rudely by the dealership where I bought the cars, so am looking for another Kia dealership to service my car. I still like my Sportage very much.

27th May 2010, 17:55

I have a 2007 Sportage, been a decent car. Though recently the air is blowing warm. Just slightly cooler than the 100 degree air outside. Has anyone else seen this, and what was the fix?

29th May 2010, 14:21

I've seen this in tons of different cars, and the fix is picking up a can of refrigerant and recharging the A/C. 90% of the time that's the cause of A/C not being cold.

15th Feb 2011, 12:13

The Sportage 2006 is a brilliant machine.

I have had mine from new and is 55,000 on the clock but still going strong and neat. As all other cars do, it gives you some problems but not things you cannot work out.

I will buy another one. The fuel economy is great and the high driving position is just too cool.

However, the CD player is a bit of a mess when driving offroad.


16th Mar 2011, 18:42

Have a 2007 Sportage, 4WD, 6 cylinder. Had rear brakes replaced at little over 15,000 miles and just had 2nd brake job on rear brakes at little over 27,000.

I am VERY dissatisfied at doing brakes every 14,000 miles. :(

2nd May 2012, 09:49

I totally agree -- I have loved all of my Kias, and will buy another one! :)

18th May 2016, 20:06

My name is Kathy Foster... owner of a 2006 Shortage (aka "PRINCESS") I bought in 2010. Overall, she is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I do understand the not-so-great fuel mileage and the seat discomfort on long trips, though. No tips on the fuel mileage issue, but I have luck with just changing the seat pressures and tilts at least once an hour.