2001 Lada 112 8v 1.5 from Belgium


Still not a modern car yet


A lot of small electric niggles.

The electric windows malfunctioned twice on the left-hand side.

The central locks function unpredictable, main dealer looked 4 times at it and it can still keep you standing outside. Although it can also open without reason. I don't lock the doors now, good enough it is a Lada and no one wants to break into it.

Several lights on dashboard blew out, after replacement lots of rattles appeared from behind the dashboard.

It has lost of rattles anyway.

Paint on bumpers starts chipping.

So far the car is still under warranty and repairs are free, but the service from the dealer is very bad, many problems are still not solved like cental locks and rattles.

This car seems to be of worse build quality than my previous 1994 Samara.

General Comments:

I did not aspect a lot from Lada and I owned 3 Lada's before, but this one seems to be worse than my first 1500 break and for sure will be my last.

It handles reasonable and controls are lighter than in previous Lada's.

The design is more up to date.

It is quite roomy, but the interior still uses the worst type of plastics and is not finished well.

Fuel economy and performance are adequate.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 24th June, 2002

8th Jun 2005, 04:52

I cannot understand why would somebody buy such a car in a free market country? Are you a Lada fan or what?

I live in an ex-communist country and I had enough "the new man" made for kind of socialist car.

Buy a Korean, it will resist a 2-3 years at least without major problems, if you don't want to spend a few bucks more and buy a real car.