28th Sep 2005, 22:34

Political prejudice has no place in a car survey forum. In a free market country, consumers have freedom of choice, and if they find Ladas to be good, reliable cars that are inexpensive to purchase and easy to maintain, why should`nt they buy them? Most people are not politically prejudiced misfits. They judge a car on it`s merits. Lada produces over 750,000 vehicles a year- so I`m sure there must be quite a few satisfied owners out there! Don`t you think?

11th Dec 2005, 21:53

The 112 is basically a very well designed and reliable car. The electrics could be better, and the overall finish could be improved. Most of the problems listed by the reviewer are minor, however, the engine, transmission and suspension are extremely strong and durable, and it's engineered for longevity.

The car is also very economical to run and maintain, and service and parts are inexpensive.

It is not a BMW in terms of overall finish, but then it's not priced anything like a BMW. The Lada 112 is a budget car, and does not pretend to be anything other than that.

I am very pleased with it, and recommend it.

7th Mar 2006, 02:46

I don't know. I'm trying to live in Western Siberia at the moment. Supply lines are long, read spare parts. There are a lot of used Japanese cars around, but more local lada's are everywhere. Sure the russian's like the Japanese models more cause they're better looking and put together better. But they're all used and replacement parts are rather expensive and require lots of shipping too, with no warranties. I have to chose to buy a new Lada 112 after much thought and deliberation, basically due to lack of a better choice. This will be my 3rd car in Siberia. 1st was a junker 1981 BMW 525 which I drove the wheels off, expecting nothing more, and got 8 months of use out of it, cheaper in the end than renting a car. Next is my '94 Land Rover Discovery, again service and parts, not to mention a target for kids to steal my amp and bandpass box, which they did a few months ago. Whatevs, now I'll tow it 300kms to a good mechanic, I hope. Now I'm most concerned with minimal downtime, ease of repair and parts supply. The new Lada 112 comes with a 2 year / 35000km warranty, and for a really cheap price compared to anything else around, especially new with warranty. If your stereo is load enough, any rattles shouldn't be an issue;) The basic 'old communist' idea of providing something for everyone is still a sound idea. Originally Volkswagon had the same idea, and they've progressed to a solid and overvalued company. My dad runs a Toureg in Dubai now, don't ask me why, but he likes it I guess.