16th Nov 2006, 11:29

To the person who just bought a "1990" Anniversary Countach, nice try kiddo, you are either DREAMING or DELUSIONAL beyond belief! There is NO SUCH THING as a 1990 model year Countach, 1989 was last of the Countach and commemorating the company's 25 years. After a couple of profitable years, Lamborghini cars was being dumped by Chrysler Corp to Megatech Indonesia, whom later, the Diablo was introduced.

I don't own a Countach, hopefully one day I'll be able to buy either an '88 Pre-Anniversary (black with brass O.Z. wheels) or a 25th Anniversary model in white/white. I am somewhat happy with my Porsche 944, not an expensive car, but expensive to maintain.

16th Jan 2007, 05:48

Just to put the record really straight :

The very last Countach 25th Anniversary, chassis nr. 12.085 was finished on July 5 1990, silver exterior over grey interior currently still owned by Automobili Lamborghini SpA and shown at the official factory museum.

So you see that there would be several 1990 Anniversario's on the market, also note that some cars were only registered two or three years after production, they stood in the showroom all that time... I've even heard of a 1992 Countach, now that's really stretching it, but it was officially registered for the first time in March 1992... only way to be sure of the production year would be to check the chassis number.

Mark - Lamborghini Cars, the enthusiast site.

16th Nov 2008, 19:19

I don't own a Lambo Countach, but I did have the benefit of a day swap for my Delorean last summer. I could not believe how difficult it was to drive.

Forward vision was at best OK, I had no idea where the corners were. They guy had fitted a rear-cam, without which all I could see was a slit out the back.

Parking - I tried and failed several times to park it.

The clutch was incredibly heavy, even at speed but the gear lever was impossible. I thought it must be broken - it was like using a weights machine.

The noise - the noise! It was impossible to spend more than an hour in the car without earplugs or paracetemol.

Not only that but the interior was a huge disappointment. Dull, poorly laid out and poorly finished.

Notwithstanding all that, it was a really great experience- but I'd never want to drive one again.

If you had an dis-used airfield, perhaps. Otherwise, no way!

3rd Apr 2010, 10:13

To the person who claims wah wah to the viewing as pct of this car: It is not an appropriate remark to make as this car has an incredible amount of power to deal out. Plus the fact if you can't see outside this car, who is to say that the likelihood factor of crashing this car would be a lot higher making this a very expensive day for the owner of this Lambo.

13th Aug 2010, 17:20

Blimey! A lot of heated debate! I don't own a Countach, but I have to say I respect the guy who bought it, or indeed any supercar owner. I have seen a couple on the roads here in Britain - they are very rare here - and they are unforgettable and stunning cars to look at - not bad for something originally designed in the late 60's.

Supercars of this nature are probably not especially practical or easy to drive, but that perhaps is not the purpose of them. They are clearly high performance cars that are designed to look outrageous and memorable, and of course to appeal to true petrol heads.

Life would be a bit dull without these cars around.

If simple transport were the issue, everyone, lottery winners included, would just take the easy route and buy a 'normal' car, such as a Ford saloon or whatever.

The Ford can do whatever the Lambo can do performance wise if professionally rally tuned, tweaked, turbo'd etc, and be far more practical - kids and luggage in the back, cheap to run, easy to park, but that is not the point.

The Lambo is art on wheels, a statement, as is any supercar, nearly all have practical shortfalls - but so what?.

I hope you enjoy your lottery win to the full - I feel the others are just a little jealous. :)

27th Feb 2012, 19:08

How do you know there were 12 1989 Countach's that were not Anniversary models? Just curious because I own one.

21st Sep 2014, 06:50

Actually what became the 1980s symbol of greed was the Testarossa; by this time the Countach was getting pretty long in the tooth and largely escaped such ridiculous tarnishing.

21st Sep 2014, 14:39

My greed pick would be the Mercedes 600 sedan or limousine, wrapping up production in the early 80s. Then open the garage door and look at your Countach. And then try to figure out how to back it out without damage.

8th Nov 2019, 03:42

Greed knows no decade or century.

8th Nov 2019, 22:44

I don’t see greed as a comment. It’s more entitlement or sign of wealth newfound, inherited or old money. Or success. Maybe even a stroke of luck.