26th Mar 2007, 22:03

Mmmmmmm, very interesting to hear what it's actually like to own and drive such a fast and exotic beastie. I doubt I'll ever have one, or even drive one, but, yes, very interesting.

I look forward, in time, to hearing more.

15th Jun 2007, 09:07

Well we have now done a few more miles in the car, having just returned from a trip to the Lamborghini factory in Italy. As is already known, there is virtually no luggage space in a GT, but with careful use of soft bags that can be squeezed behind the seats, and a tote bag that sat underneath the passenger's legs, we managed to carry enough for two for the entire 10 day trip.

Fuel consumption for the entire trip worked out at about 12 -13 mpg, which is marginally better than the 10 mpg I thought the car was doing. The car didn't miss a single beat the entire trip, despite having to drive through some torrential downpours which was enough to stop the windscreen wipers on one of the Murcielagos that came along.

Despite the comments I made above about the cockpit being cramped for anyone over 6 feet in height, it wasn't so bad that it would stop me from making a similar trip over a similar sort of distance. I wouldn't say we travelled in comfort, but neither did we get out of the car at the end of each day's journey thinking 'never again.'

So far I still love the car. It has more performance than my limited abilities could ever use, it looks absolutely stunning, makes all the right noises and, as far as I am concerned, ticks all the right boxes. Fuel consumption could be better, but as I don't use the car as a daily driver, it's not really an issue.