1974 Lamborghini Espada 400GT (S3) 3.9L 60 degree V12 - Weber 2BBL carbs x6 from North America


Quirky but rewarding, and seats you + 3 friends, kids, dogs


The car did not have any significant problem while in my care.

Inherited a leaky steering rack. Repaired by replacing a gasket at a cost of $50.

In order to run consistently well, the carburetors required frequent adjustment and synchronization, but not unreasonable intervals among its contemporaries.

General Comments:

With its 350hp engine, the car was very quick for a 2+2, especially going straight.

Exhaust sound was terrific.

The interior was a bit of a hodge-podge, and included a few crude touches, such as box-like plywood center console, but the cabin was still a relatively nice place to be.

Lovely black crinkle-finished V-12 is still worth staring at after 35 years.

Luggage space was surprisingly roomy.

Love or hate the unusual exterior styling, the car turned heads like few others.

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Review Date: 16th July, 2009

17th Jul 2009, 09:10

What's the gas mileage?

17th Jul 2009, 20:35

Who cares about the gas mileage. It is a classic v12!

18th Nov 2009, 18:16

How roomy is the driver seat. I am tall 6'6". Would you say it's roomy or small? (since it is Italian)

24th Aug 2010, 11:43

I love Espadas - underrated, fab 70's design... One day I'll get one when have enough. Mental supercar motoring at its best!

2nd Nov 2012, 19:57

I was stationed in Italy October 1971 - September 1972 while in the US Air Force. I remember reading in Stars & Stripes about a man in Rome who purchased a Lamborghini. Every Saturday morning he would go down to the garage and sit in his car. He never drove it, just sat in it. He could not afford the insurance or gas to drive it, but he owned a Lamborghini.

14th Jul 2023, 22:26

Around 12 MPG. Pretty bad.