27th Jun 2021, 15:35

Doesn’t matter; I spend a lot of time in Naples Florida and all exotic cars barely get a glance. That’s not what it’s about. You will be hard pressed to drive any late model Porsche with twin turbo and rear wheel steering and not love how great they perform and handle. I could care less about others approval. These are not cars for car shows. They are for track and a polished high quality driving experience on the street.

28th Jun 2021, 22:45

Actually cars like the Lamborghini Murcielago draw plenty of attention because the quality was not good, and they’re prone to fires & many other problems. Everyone will stare at the car… as it’s on the side of the road inoperable & waiting for a tow.

29th Jun 2021, 07:16

True, but I get what the comment is saying in regards to sports cars being common. And it's not just super exotics.

I live in the UK also and I remember a time when seeing even just a BMW or Mercedes (any "luxury" brand car) people would say "oh isn't that a nice car", but now they are as common as Fords or any other make of car, I see lots everyday. No one cares, not even people who like cars. It's no disrespect to the car or brands, there are just so many show offs here, people trying to look like they have money but do not. A lot of people take finance on these cars and never own them, work hard but still live beyond their means, have to give them up a year or two later because they can no longer afford the payments. Not worth it in my opinion, I like to own all my vehicles.

Not many cars in general stand out in the crowd these days anyway, and the fact they all look alike and are the same color also does not help. I used to work at a major shopping center and overlooked the biggest car park, 90% of cars were a dull silver/grey and you could not tell any of them apart; I'd lose my own car if I did not remember exactly where it was parked.

29th Jun 2021, 20:02

As you know that’s a personal opinion. I love driving amazing vehicles with great technology. If not I would not spend the money following your viewpoint. I realize some in cities it’s commonplace to the observer. It seems as not necessary or a waste of money. People spend fortunes on art, furnishing homes etc. You could hang up a print. Quality of life is how I see it. A personal opportunity to enjoy something special on a track. Or a great powerboat. Life is short. When you sit in a rocking chair or wheel chair the great memories remain. Why spoil this for someone else?

4th Jul 2021, 01:22

Owners often have 5 or 6 cars to use. They do not sit on the side of the road.

4th Jul 2021, 17:10

Oh yeah you’re right. Owners tend to drive more than one car at a time and always have a backup already out there on the road when the primary car breaks down. Rather than driving one car at a time, they drive in convoys. Yeah, OK.

5th Jul 2021, 19:04

I think he meant you have a backup vehicle (at home) as a spare while the tow truck takes you home and deals with the broken vehicle ;)