15th Oct 2002, 15:25

My best advice to you would be to sell it once it comes. There's no point in doing what you did, and I believe that Lambos require lots of maintenance. As for your other idea, you probably can get a used Diablo in good condition at a better price. If you had to mortgage your house to buy one of these, buying one in the first place wasn't a good idea!

2nd Jan 2003, 10:39

I've heard it is not a real lambo. here in Israel we will not compromise on anything from Volkswagen. they forgot how to produce cars with character since the first golf GTi.

They are not reliable. and it is not so hard to produce a good car with lot of power. but to make it brilliant its something else. this lambo has a bad design also, and it will not survive for long (as the AMAZING Countach).

For example, my old uno70i is much fun to drive than the Ibiza turbo (150hp) with its boring platform.

18th Jan 2003, 20:42

Correction my friend, but Volkswagen was also acquired by Audi just as Lamborghini. So it is not Volkswagen who is manufacturing Lamborghini cars, but Audi. The current Lambo car is now a combination of German and Italian make.

Have you seen and driven one of these? I have a friend in Japan who got a metallic orange one and I tell you it looks so much better in real life than the pictures.

After test driving it, I assure you my friend that Murci is a real Lamborghini. It's easier to drive than the Diablo and feel more powerful when going at high speeds!

And to the other person who wishes to get a Lambo soon - no, re mortgaging your house is not worth it. I suggest you make sure you have enough money for things such as insurance, maintenance and care before you get one. I suggest that you make sure that you earn enough first (you can start off by reading business books like Rich Dad Poor Dad ;) ) before you get a high maintenance machine.

5th Feb 2003, 13:53

There is a Murcielago in a car showroom near where I live and a Diablo roadster is a common site around the town. Forget the Murcielago and get a Diablo! I have been a Lambo fan since 7 years old (now 36), and have never been disappointed by any Lambo until the Murcielago. The Countach and Diablo have the "WOW!" factor, but the Murcielago is more of "That's nice". Save your money, you won't lose much in performance either.. Anyway, I'm buying an Espada!

25th Apr 2003, 09:52

I think the Diablo SV looks better than the Murcielago. That's all I know. Maybe the spoiler make it looks nicer...

1st May 2003, 15:41

Don't worry, you'll soon be able to order a spoiler with your Murcielago. As for me, unless a car is really designed to work with a spoiler (like the F40) I don't like them. I think that's exactly what they do: spoil the appearance.

16th May 2003, 14:31

Anyone doubting the greatness of the Murc should download the 'Top Gear' Episode (British TV Show) that reviews it. It actually compares the car to a Pagani Zonda (which actually blew the Murc and Diablo and all other cars away, but that's besides the point).

Top Gear puts to rest any claims that the Murc is not a real Lambo, or an inferior one. It is superior to the Diablo in all aspects, no matter what anyone believes.

9th Jun 2003, 11:06

I might be mistaken here, but doesn't the merc have an auto-spoiler that pops up at highway speeds?

26th Jun 2003, 15:14

I have been a Lamborghini fan from the first time I saw a Diablo VT 6.0 at the 2001 Auto Show. It was a bright orange one and I loved it. Then at the 2002 Auto Show, I saw a yellow Murcielago, that car looked COOL in real life.

I think all Lamborghini's have their share of small problems, but they are still GREAT cars to drive.

Oh, and by the way, I am also a car NUT!!!

4th Jun 2004, 10:36

Porsche does not own Audi or VW, and they don't own Porsche. It's an independant company that works closely with VW/Audi.