26th Apr 2004, 08:36

It's fake.. as are all the reviews I've seen so far. I know and have driven quite a few lams. I admit I don't personally own one.. but from my friends comments and my own experiences I can tell you these people are clueless. Lams are tough to drive and unless you are really used to driving these types of machines, you'll be stuck in low gears or just wreck it, stall it or look real stupid. will someone who actually owns one of these write a decent and honest review please?

6th Jan 2005, 14:26

I agree. My old Diablo was a pig to drive. you needed to be a contortionist to get in it, a weightlifter to push the clutch down and an arrogant driver to get anywhere in it without fear of stalling or hitting someones mirrors with the rear end. An absolute pig to own here in england, our roads are not really up to something like the diablo. If you want to do fast and stylish go get a 355 Ferrari.

However, I would own another just for the noise! (Ansa exhaust fitted)

6th Sep 2005, 08:08

If our reviews were 'witty and obvious' they wouldn't be posted.

17th Oct 2006, 03:34

I wouldn't say the Murcielago is hard to drive. I paid someone $200 to drive their's, and once I got used to the clutch it was pretty easy or at least easier than I expected. Although I only started from a stand still twice, so I would guess driving through traffic would prove to be tiresome, but how could anyone drive one of these in traffic regularly??

22nd Feb 2007, 14:36

I think most old Lambos up to and including the Diablo could be difficult to drive, not least because of the crap vision to the rear. However, I never found the heavy controls in the Countach to be a problem and the anticipated problem with the width of the car when I first got it never materialised. Having said that, I think both the Gallardo and the Murci have been made much more user friendly and usable, with lighter controls and better vision all round. I have to admit that I have only sitten in the Gallardo and Murci and not driven them, but they both gave the impression that they would be easier to drive than both my old Countach and my current Diablo.

23rd Feb 2007, 06:09

Of course the Murcielago & Gallardo are easier to drive than the older Lambos. 1 word...Volkswagen.

24th Feb 2007, 14:17

Don't you mean Audi!?

25th Feb 2007, 09:52

Um, guess who owns Audi?

25th Feb 2007, 12:56

'Don't you mean Audi!?'

Er no, I definitely mean Volkswagen... Audi are part of the Volkswagen group!

28th Oct 2007, 10:50

I owned a 63 Vette Split obviously not this model and mine was mostly only ever taken out on Sunday getting a paper etc. As great as they are you cannot usually park them and leave them, go to malls, bad weather etc. and mine did not have a/c. I drove mine once or twice a month. Being 2 seaters with a young family mine was rarely used and yet you start realizing how valuable they have become...not who is looking at you driving. Mine was just a driver and yet still became quite valuable. I actually enjoyed at times just opening the garage and just looking at mine. A lot of cars have simply become entirely too valuable to really drive much now. I guess if you can afford an exotic,work hard and are successful you not feel regret.

4th Dec 2007, 22:25

I bought my Murcielago new in 2003 and traded a 1995 Diablo, which I almost never used. The clutch does feel too light and I do stall it occasionally at traffic lights. The electronic throttle control is an irritation as it still hunts at idle, even though the dealer has downloaded new software into the car. The only things to go wrong in 9000Kms are a power steering hydraulic line burst, and the top of the dashboard buckled on the passenger side. I can't say it's a pleasure to drive around town; visibility is terrible and the turning circle is huge. But on the open road, this car has no equal. To the submitter that suggested a F355 would be a better car, I can honestly say there is no comparison. I bought my 355 new in 1998, and frankly it feels like it is in reverse compared to the Murcielago. My only regret is that the Murci is too ostentatious; people point and ogle at it and for that reason I almost never drive it these days. I recently traded in the 355 for my first Porsche and if you want an amazing car that you can drive incognito every day, buy a Tiptronic 997 Porsche Turbo. It's quick and quiet, you can't help but love it.