1991 Lancia Delta LX 1.3 double barrel weber from Portugal


A nice car, cheap to get now, expensive to repair, and not such a high performance machine


Water gets inside the car when washed or rains due to faulty sunroof sealing.

A few electrical glitches, like side repeaters controls working sporadicly, a new part solved the problem.

Power lock sometimes only locks driver's door.

Handbrake doesn't work (never did).

Steering gets unbalanced frequently.

Nothing else, really.

General Comments:

An overall nice car, although don't want to maintain it for long, parts are expensive and dealers take forever to get you the parts you need (once the car had to stay parked for about 6 weeks waiting for a windshield).

Does not corrode easily, contrary to what people might think.

Engine is smooth, but has serious addiction to petrol (11 L/100 Km)

Engine performance sucks. A few days ago I was undertaken by a Citroen ax 1.1, and my foot was on the floor!! Just not acceptable.

Stock suspension sucks, which makes handling not so good.

Brakes heat up and loose power fast.

Running costs are really high if you need to get new origin parts, parts are inadequately expensive.

The gearbox is well built and smooth to make shifts, but the gear ratio is all wrong (when shifting from 2nd to 3rd, a huge loss of power is felt)

Hope the 1.6 is better than this one...

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Review Date: 28th June, 2004

29th Jun 2004, 01:01

You got beaten by an AX 11? Normal, this car had about 60 hp for 650 kg- I used to drive one and the car lightness was very apparent even if the downside was an iffy built quality.

The Delta was a really nice and technically advanced car when it was launched (~1979) but by the end (~1992) it was simply dated. However the fact that it lasted so long does really testify on the success of the design.

1991 Lancia Delta Integrale Evoluzione 2.0 16v turbo from UK and Ireland




One of the rear dampers failed, I suspect the brakes need minor attention and the rear (after market) exhaust back box doesn't fit correctly. All minor issues relevant to any car 13 years old.

General Comments:

The reputation of these cars is well deserved, they are seriously quick and require an element of self control.

The engine is fantastic, when the turbo is spinning it has real genuine grunt whilst also being easy to drive around town. The grunt is very much at the expense of fuel economy.

The handling from the four wheel drive is just in a league of its own plus it has serious stopping power.

Inside the build quality is surprisingly good for an early 90's Lancia, it creaks and rattles a bit, but noise from the engine, road etc is well damped.

Don't buy one of these for motorway work as this car is designed for the twisty stuff and comes into its own in the country. I have never owned a car that can inspire so much confidence at speed on twisty country roads, you will be rewarded for your efforts.

These cars require a lot of love... and possibly money to stay in peak condition.

The best car I have ever owned.

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Review Date: 21st March, 2004

1991 Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16v 2.0 16v turbo from UK and Ireland


Performance icon


Dashlight bulb blew.

Wastegate actuator spring weakened.

Paint starting to blister around the tailgate.

General Comments:

Outclasses my old Scooby in nearly every department.

The most enjoyable car I`ve ever sat my bum in.

The reliability thing is a fallacy, buy a good one in the first place.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2001

1991 Lancia Delta HF Integrale EVO II 2.0 turbo 8v petrol from Hungary


I bought it used, so I changed belts immediately. Water pump needed to be repaired. Front discs were a bit used (I fitted 16v discs).

The ABS-failure light showed up, because of a "worn out" sensor.

It's a very reliable little car with unlimited power.

General Comments:

A real Garrett-rocket. Although you have to own a petrol station, it's fantastic to drive. Full time 4WD makes it glued on the road, even on snow and ice it stays safe.

Beautiful, comfy inside (black leather, and Recaros).

You can't have a problem with overtaking when you are sitting in a Delta HF!

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Review Date: 7th February, 1999

15th Dec 2003, 14:40


How can your car be a Integrale Evo 2? Both Evo 1 & 2's are 2.0 16v turbo's not 2.0 8v.

If your car has the evolution bodykit/bumpers then its due to a previous owner making it a look a like.

11th Jan 2005, 15:16

Hi there my clever friend! My car is a "Swiss market" Integrale, and due to swiss rules - emission standards - the factory put 8v turbo engines to the evo chassis. They even built evo III. with 8v engines!Mind the steps next time!

1991 Lancia Delta LX 1.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


Replaced exhaust, clutch (both at 50,000 miles) and had an alternator drive belt snap on the motorway (only a £3.50 repair but it took nearly an hour to get on !!)

General Comments:

This car is great. It's quick and handles better than any GTI., O.K. so it's only a 1300 and sometimes gets beaten away from the traffic lights but only by cars with bigger engines and turbos. Specialist dealers are not expensive, if you visit a proper Lancia specialist you won't pay the cowboy prices charged by the Fiat and Alfa Romeo monkeys.

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Review Date: 17th January, 1999

23rd Aug 2003, 11:30

I used to own a LX, true that it's a bit slow off the line, but it sure can go round corners better than most cars these days.. its lots of fun on A & B roads and cheap on in insurance to. I wouldn't mind owning another, but hard to find.. regret selling it.

28th Aug 2009, 08:53

Had my 1300 LX some 20 years / 50k miles now and it still puts a smile on my face as it coughs into life. Kept the rust at bay, that's a labour of love, but now when you see all these bland euro box's about now, the old thing sure stands out.

You have to watch the take off (not quick), but once in the 20 to 70 range there's very few similar sized modern cars will out run or handle it - just have to watch the braking distance, never a strong point - but I still drive it like I stole it - after all, it's a Lancia...