15th Jul 2004, 13:23

His Delta is a 1300 and I think anyone who expects great things from an Escort sized car with 1.3 litres is being a little hopeful, even if it is a Lancia.

The 1600 injection and turbo models were said to be much better.

16th Feb 2006, 12:54

OK, I wrote the original comment...

I take it back when I said it had poor performance...

After trying out several other cars, like a 91 1.3 escort, the delta 1.3 behaved like a 1.6, comparing to the escort...

All the rest is true, but I believe that if you take good care of these cars and make regular maintenance, they will not let you down.

I actually sold the car, but I regret it now, I'm trying to find one just like the one I had.

That car is really something...

16th May 2010, 19:23

I have a Delta 1.6 and it's awesome! I bought it when it came out, and I've always take good care of it, it runs very good! And I have everything from stock, only changed the tires for a larger ones, and it's by far the best Italian cheap car I've ever driven!

It kicks ass man! If you take good care of it from the beginning, it's an awesome car! I bought mine in 1986 and I've still got it! No rust, no problems, you just need to push it some times... this kind of Italian cars have high rpm engines.

But as I said, mine could be an exception, I love it, I will have it until I crash or until my engine breaks in two pieces..

Lancia Delta ROCKS!

8th Jul 2010, 09:57

This is a very good car. I have 1.6 twin carburator LX. This is 95HP for 850kg. I do not agree that this car cost too much. The fuel is 6-7 litres/100km. :)