Lybra LX SW Intensa 1.8 16v

Great design nice driving

53 words, Netherlands, 2 comments


Lybra SW LX 2.4jtd

Great, lots of style and very Italian

81 words, Netherlands

Lybra 1.6 petrol

This car is reliable, solid, and comfortable

66 words, Jordan

Lybra LX 1.8 16v

Nice family car with good appearance and Italian taste

88 words, Netherlands

Lybra LS 2.0 petrol

A superb car

74 words, Germany


Lybra JTD 1.9 turbo diesel


263 words, Bulgaria, 5 comments

Lybra SW LX 2.0 20V Comfortronic

One of those special Lancias, and this time it's reliable

169 words, Germany, 1 comment

Lybra LX 2.0 20V

Nicely designed, elegant and sporty Italian sedan

61 words, Netherlands

Lybra 2000 LX station wagon 2.0 petrol

An elegant car with a sporty feel. Reliable too!

130 words, Switzerland


Lybra Sport Wagon LX 1.9 Jtd

Comfortable, underrated Italian car

188 words, Poland, 2 comments