1981 Lancia Zagato 2.0 from North America


I love my Lancia, it's a very emotional relationship


I have replaced the fuel pump as well as the line and all filters.

I also replaced the master and slave for the clutch.

I converted the Zagato fuel injection over to a Webber carb system.

I also replaced the entire suspension system using all IAP parts with original factory specifications.

I installed a new IAP radiator and fan with all new switches.

I also replaced the air-conditioning compressor and the power steering box.

I also added a Pioneer Super-Tuner 10CD with remote changer and 6 new speakers.

The dashboard is new (IAP) wrapped in black leather.

The rear top is new (IAP) hand rolled.

I replaced the tires last year with Pirrelli radials.

General Comments:

I grew up in Italy, and had a poster of this car on my wall after we came to the US. I bought it from a lawyer in Boston when it was 6 years old, with the original sticker and very low miles.

The car is solid - you can hear it when you close a door, it was well made, but not without mechanical challenges. I knew I would make changes right away.

My Lancia Zagato is not really that fast, but it sure can corner at high speeds! The five-speed manual transmission is geared a bit low, so it jumps at a light, but goes from 4th to 5th at around 75 taching at 5500.

I love the interior - it's quiet when buttoned-up, and looks and drives great with the targa off, the top down, and boot on. The 6-speaker sound system is awesome. The car is arrest-me red (original color, not name), and the bumpers and body graphics are black.

You must know that most all Italian cars need tender loving care. Also, you can't be bothered by a fiat-like odor once in a while.

I'm 90% done, the car looks awesome and drives great, it even has frosty air and one-finger power-steering!

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Review Date: 15th April, 2006

11th Jan 2009, 04:55

Original owner #828BS1200379 Rossa Corsa #574133 Lancia Zagato Beta with 198k miles of my life-cgllc@verizon.net.

4th May 2012, 15:11

I also have a 1981 Lancia Zagato. Either I wrote the other review and don't remember, or someone else is living my life!

I grew up in southern Italy, and had a poster of a red Zagato. I purchased my Zagato from an atty in Boston in 1988, and pretty much replaced all the same parts with IAP equipment; power steering, A/C compressor, springs, shocks, dash, convertible top etc...

My Zagato has 84k original miles, is as solid as can be, and runs awesome (especially with the Weber conversion and a high performance electric fuel pump); she remains the quintessential Italian head turner. I wish I had aged as gracefully.

Lastly, we should all remember these beauties are still dressed up Fiats, so they will always be smelled before seen, and present the occasional electronic quirk. Sure wish I could find that damn nose badge that came off 10 years ago; she's still 99.99% complete.

1st Jun 2013, 12:22

I may have the front badge you are needing. I have a perfect gold plastic triangular grille badge for an older Zagato. Let me know if you need it.


Thanks! Todd