2006 Land Rover 110 County 2.5 td5 from UK and Ireland


Great fun for the enthusiast who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty


According to Land Rover, these faults are normally found on a modern Defender:

Heavy handed spot welds.

Warped panels.

Badly fitting doors.

Twisted gutter over windscreen and buckled roof.

Painted over rough cast hinges.

Badly fitting bonnet due to miss aligned weld to

hinges and poor assembly.

Intermittent leaking front doors.

A badly adjusted tight clutch dragging on gearbox.

And a heavy under floor knock, possibly due to worn suspension bushes.

However it is in much need of being chipped to improve on the performance.

The flat spots on the turbo in particular could do with an improvement.

Also an GKN overdrive for motorway work would be nice, if not a necessity.

General Comments:

If you can cope with this kind of thing, then the rest, so far, works brilliantly.

I doubt that the new model is much better, as Land Rover has had over 50 years to get it right and failed.

As fast as one problem is sorted out, it seems another one comes along, as the result of trying to reduce the manufacturing costs.

I still love the crate, and don’t regret buying it. It fondly reminds me of all the old BMC vehicles I grew up, with with their odd little ways.

Although I would not recommend any but hopeless Landy nuts to buy a Land Rover, and then a nearly new one rather than brand new is more sensible. Let someone else have the upset of having paid top dollar for a faulty new vehicle.

Of course there is the Santana as an alternative.

In my opinion the Defender is a fantastic concept, but unfortunately seems to be built by 1970's throwbacks, and sold and maintained by car salesmen!

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Review Date: 1st August, 2007

1983 Land Rover 110 Hi-Cap 2.5 diesel from UK and Ireland


If this doesn't put a smile on your face, nothing will


Nothing in my ownership, really. The only problem was broken electrical wires and a faulty battery.

General Comments:

This has to be the best car I have ever owned. OK, it's scratched, dented and dirty, but these things can be fixed.

On the road, an old Defender has charm, but it is not a "car"; it doesn't handle as well as other cars, and it is very noisy, a problem, however that's easily fixed. The seats are rumored to be uncomfortable, but this is not true, the seats are just as good as any modern car. The steering and gears are harder that in a "car", but still easily manageable.

However, off-road, the Defender is the most fun you can have in a vehicle. Stick it in low range and climb muddy hills in tickover! Mine has an uprated 2.5 engine, but it's not too different from the usual 2.25. If you get caught in particularly bad mud, stick it in diff-lock, it'll amaze you...

It is great fun off road with kit and friends in the back. If you enjoy camping expeditions, this is the car for you!

The Landy can haul huge loads (mine's a hi-cap pick up 110).There are only three seats, so if you want a cheap family runabout, go for a mid 90's 110 station wagon.

Environmentalists go on about how 4x4's aren't "green", but the energy used to make and dispose of a "green" car every few years far exceeds the pollution my Landy causes! Plus I plan on keeping this car running for ever. Everything from the near-invincible chassis, to the grille is replaceable, and the Defender has a huge following, join a club for cheap parts and insurance.

On the roads, nobody gets in you're way, you're above "chav cars" and the like, and other Defender drivers often wave!

This car is reliable, safe, fun, strong, has tonnes more character than imports, and above all it is more than a car, it's a friend for life!

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Review Date: 8th July, 2007