1985 Land Rover 90 hardtop now 4.6 V8 from UK and Ireland


My favourite big toy


3.5V8 replaced due to emissions failure at 80,000 miles.

Radiator core leaked at 81,000 miles, replaced with upgraded rad for same cost.

3.9 V8 replaced due to "porous" block syndrome that is common with 3.9+ V8's 4.6 installed - very good, better fuel consumption than 3.5/3.9.

Replaced seats with ones from Audi 80 Sport, simple modification and cheap, now much more comfortable.

General Comments:

Replaced a Discovery with this 90 as I compete in off-road trials, the Discovery was very good, but too expensive to damage. Not as comfortable and everything is manual for example windows, mirrors etc :-)

Installed a LPG conversion and this makes the V8 affordable - now the equivalent of 26-28MPG which is the same as the Tdi diesel, but much better performance and it has that gorgeous V8 noise.

Superb off-road, not too good on road, but it is easy to fix, the parts are cheap and it will last a lifetime if serviced and waxoyled regularly.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2003

2002 Land Rover 90 HARDTOP TD5 from UK and Ireland


Crude, noisy and unrefined


Nothing wrong to report about yet, I have only covered 6000 miles.

General Comments:

This vehicle is so crude.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2002

10th Sep 2002, 04:46

The Defender 90 may be crude, but it's simple and easy to maintain.

Given reasonable maintenance standards and attention to detail, the 90 is a good workhorse giving as good reliability and service as you'll get from any equivalent make.

Above all the 90 has got character.

8th Jun 2003, 16:35

More importantly it shows these "lifestyle" 4x4's what real off-road ability is all about. As they're ripping their plastic bodykits off and getting beached, the Landie will chug merrily past and off into the sunset.

The only off-roader worthy of the name.

28th Nov 2003, 06:11

I bought a LR Defender 90 (six seats) 15 months ago as a present for myself, and really cannot fault it. I accept that it is noisy, unrefined and thirsty on petrol. However, there is nothing better for transporting kids on camping expeditions and charging around the lanes of Exmoor. Driving through London in it is a really novel experience since other (posh) cars tend to give it a wide berth.

Great fun.

14th Apr 2009, 03:06

The Defender 90 is the greatest off road vehicle that has ever been made, and what ever you throw at it, it will handle it with ease.

1986 Land Rover 90 Hardtop 3.9 V8 from UK and Ireland


If you can live with the lack of electrical gizmos it is the best toy I have!


Engine overheating, radiator replaced, hoses replaced, inlet manifold replaced, engine replaced - still overheating :- (

Bulkhead rusted above vents.

Rear cross-member (bumper) replaced due to rust.

Springs and shocks replaced with higher quality after-market parts.

General Comments:

Like most Land Rovers it needs lots of attention, servicing and oils - so you need to find a local specialist who does a good job at a reasonable price (and learn how to do simple maintainence yourself).

The parts are often interchangeable with most other LR and Range Rover bits. For example I have a late Discovery rear axle with disc brakes, the transfer box is from a RangeRover and the auto from a Discovery.

The 3.9 with sports exhaust makes a really nice noise and can be unexpectedly quick off the line and for overtaking - particularly on petrol.

LPG conversion is required to afford the fuel costs at 14MPG - reduced performance though.

Replaced the seats from a scrapped Audi 80 Sport and a sound deadening kit makes quite a difference to the comfort.

I use it for 40mile daily trip to work and off-road competitions at weekends, it has been used to tow large trailers (3.5 ton) and has had 1/2 ton of gravel loaded into the back. The true Multi-Purpose Vehicle.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2002

1985 Land Rover 90 SWB 2.5 diesel from UK and Ireland


Where do I start! The wiring is turning out to be a nightmare, it would blow a fuse everytime you turned the wipers off with the engine running.

Hazard warning lights have stopped working.

Needed new rear brake shoes and cylinders.

Needed new ball joints.

The wipers stopped working which was interesting when it started to rain, needed a new motor.

General Comments:

The car is a beast! Its slow, smelly, expensive to run, bloody uncomfortable to drive for a long distance, it leaks water from every place you could think of, so noisy you can't hear your self think!!!! But I bloody love it and I don't think I will ever sell it, everyone looks at you when you drive past so I guess it's either an eye catcher or its bloody noisy!

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Review Date: 13th September, 1998