1996 Land Rover Defender County Station Wagon Tdi 2.5 tdi from UK and Ireland


Dealers don't want to know after the sale, but I love my Defender


Engine cut out while driving, waited 15 minutes and could restart. Land Rover dealer could not find the fault on three occasions, refused to collect the vehicle for repair and it was a known problem by other motor traders. Very worrying not knowing when it would cut out. Problem resolved by an independent auto electrician who disconnected the immobiliser

Alarm went off for no reason - faulty wiring.

Required a new alternator according to the Land Rover dealer when it didn't, and again was down to faulty wiring. Land Rover GB repaid the repair bill.

Needed a new battery according to the Land Rover dealer when it didn't. Again down to faulty wiring.

Kept blowing fuse leaving no brake/reversing lights. Faulty wiring 'repaired' three times by the Land Rover dealer within about 6 months.

General Comments:

Love the vehicle, otherwise I wouldn't have kept it so long. In spite of the problems, you get hooked on owning a go 'anywhere vehicle' It might be noisy compared with a conventional saloon car, but it's in its own in bad weather snow and rough terrain.

Needless to say, the dealership after eight years of high charging for servicing, has lost the contract to an independent enthusiastic Land Rover specialist who are a pleasure to deal with and dependable

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Review Date: 4th March, 2007

20th Jan 2009, 21:08

I've had lots of Land Rovers and found that independant specialists' are, by far, the best to deal with, not franchised dealers. My local franchised dealer had staff on the parts department who did not know what a Series III Land Rover was! I rest my case, your worship. I currently have a 1994 Defender 110.