2000 Land Rover Defender 110 County Station Wagon 2.5 TD5 from UK and Ireland


Great vehicle ruined by poor quality workmanship


Rear differential was replaced, complete rear axle was replaced, now the transfer gearbox is being replaced, all in less than 2000 miles on a brand new vehicle.

Upon delivery the sunroof leaked and the front passenger door lock was defective.

General Comments:

Insufficient quality control at the factory, very poor workmanship on vehicle assembly.

A wonderful vehicle if it was reliable. Land Rover need a serious rethink about their quality control procedures if indeed they have any.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 1st August, 2000

31st May 2002, 15:33

Well if it's any consolation, we too, over in the UK, have the same poor quality reliability with the Defender, Discovery, and the Freelander - not forgetting high service/labor costs.. a friend of mine recently purchased a new defender 90/2002 model on closer inspection. He has found 35 paint defects, a hard to select 2nd gear and a clunking transfer box.. us Brits do not have the option on Defenders of Auto transmission... in Conclusion.. you are better off spending your hard earned money elsewhere.