2nd Oct 2005, 20:16

"Daily Driver" is a subjective term. There are some inconveniences to consider: You really can't lock a D90 soft top; in real cold the heater can't keep up with the gaps in the soft top; the defroster doesn't mix air with the a/c, so you have to wait for the engine to be at temp to de-mist the windscreen; just try getting into the back seat with the top on; we'll not mention the gas mileage or maintenance schedule (have you changed your swivel housing oil recently?) BUT, it rides really well, is reliable (in its fashion) handles well and makes you smile every time you climb in. How many cars under $75K can make you feel like a celebrity with the attention it gets? And, how many cars can you drive for ten years and sell for what you paid for it? Daily driver? Why not?

1st Jan 2006, 23:29


Would a D90 be fine in the country side for everyday driving? as I am also a collage student looking for a car that handles well in the dirt. if not, could you direct me to a car that would not get lost in the so called potholes in our driveway, and how would it go towing a horse-float?

3rd Feb 2006, 09:59

D90 will suit your needs very well. They are extremely reliable (be careful when buying parts though, they can be pricey, shop around) and low-maintenance. In terms of 'getting through the potholes' and dealing with dirt there is no better motor vehicle (apart, perhaps, from an M1A1). You will love your D90, it will become as much of a friend as a horse or a dog.

As a daily drive they are big and rumbling, but also safe and with great road presence - nobody cuts you up in a Defender. Its the only car I've ever owned that gives me a huge grin each day I drive it - and that's after 6 years of ownership.

One problem though - you will need to give it a name ;)

24th Feb 2006, 03:32

Yeah Thanks, well I'll save 10-20 grand and buy a land rover (Was going to buy a Chev Suburban), oh and never mind about the noise, we have a lot of 4wd go around and you know about it so that will be another one in the crowd. thanks for the advice. Hope it isn't a TRUE Ford like the Discovery (From what I have heard)!... Now, what shall I call it??? ;)

12th Apr 2016, 08:20

To any college student, if you're looking for reliability, which equates into money in your pocket, steer clear of Land Rovers. Instead get a Toyota pickup, cruise at 90 mph if needed, pull onto a dirt road, & drive like a bat outta hell, safely. Toyota trucks don't need shill reviews, or a banker's budget just to get it started, or to replace motors that are prone to go Poooof.