1991 Land Rover Discovery 2.5 turbo diesel from Italy


Macchina di battaglia!


Nothing has really gone wrong!

General Comments:

I have really put this motor through the mill, and it just keeps going!

Not too good on icy or snowy roads in a down hill direction, without a load of bricks in the back to balance the back end.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2012

1991 Land Rover Discovery tdi 2.5 TDI from UK and Ireland


This is a serious family vehicle slow, but safe


I have had to change the brake lines and the rear exhaust.

General Comments:

This vehicle is very ideal for a family.

I feel it is very comfortable to drive.

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Review Date: 9th April, 2004

1991 Land Rover Discovery TDi 2.5 diesel from UK and Ireland


Think Austin Maxi with ground clearance and four wheel drive


Timing belt broke at 94,000 miles. The main dealer had serviced it from new and said the belt had been changed. Investigation revealed this not to be so at which point the maindealer recovered the car over 200 miles and put it right.

Otherwise only routine replacements, although being pulled out of the River Orwell by the AA when the clutch packed in in the tidal zone was exciting.

General Comments:

This vehicle was the first to cure my son`s car sickness. Passengers have always enjoyed the position.

As a family with all boys there was always space to tie kids into separate corners when the squabbling became unbearable. As the years moved on we spent some of our nicest family time in this vehicle.

With kids at university the Discovery is the dream transport. The amount that it can be made to hold is awesome, although smells tend to linger after some of the more unsavory loads.

Running costs are virtually nil. Apart from regular oil and filter changes other parts get changed as they drop off or wear out.

I love driving around in this brick, though my wife hates it. Fortunately I no longer hear her objections, due to deafness induced, I am sure, by the combination of road and engine noise.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2003

1991 Land Rover Discovery 2.5 TDI from UK and Ireland


200 TDI's are the best


Steering Damper (replace with a gas one as these give a much more positive feel)

Reversing light switch.

Swivel pin bearings.

General Comments:

The best 4x4 on the market with great off road capabilities.

Very comfortable to drive for long distances with a good high driving position.

200 TDI engines are by far the better although a little bit loud!

If buying look out for one with a service history as these vehicles really need there servicing to be kept up to date. Regular oil changes on all those parts that need oil (an there are many of them on a Discovery) is the key to reliability.

Look out for worn gearboxes as these are expensive to replace.

If buying make sure the cam belt has been changed and if not change it yourself quickly for peace of mind.

All running gear (steering, suspension, axles) should be checked if buying secondhand as problems will start to arise in a vehicle of this age.

I love Discoveries as they are by far the best 4x4 on the market today.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2002

1991 Land Rover Discovery Tdi 2.5Tdi from UK and Ireland


Head Gasket went at 71k - this is normal apparently, Clutch went at 67k - the Valeo clutch is too weak for the Tdi - changed it to a Borg & Beck.

Otherwise I've had it 5 years with little problem - same reliability as my VW Polo. Ensure that you service it at the correct intervals.

General Comments:

Excellent Off-road - I competed in trials with it. Very good cruiser, drove from Plymouth to Glasgow via Rugby on one tank of fuel. Find a good independant specialist garage - cheap parts and sound advice at a good price eg £18/hr, LR agent £38/hr + VAT.

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Review Date: 1st March, 1998