1992 Land Rover Discovery 200 Tdi from France


A complete set back for Land Rover


-Broken alternator

-Broken peg at the shaft extremity (equivalent of 1 300 British pounds for a 2 pounds original problem!)

-Very dangerous : transmission locked suddenly at the rear due to a broken piece inside! With my kids in the car

-Front bearing wheel destroyed after replacing (spare from land rover)

-Hight oil engine consumption

-Overhead roof leaking

-Broken Overhead roof screw

-Central locking system working when it decided

-Broken front seats

-Broken rear door

-Etc etc.

General Comments:

I love British cars (I own 1 Bentley Brook lands-fantastic, 2 mini cooper-unbeatable, 1 MG B-I will never sell it, 1 E Type Jaguar-Thank you Sir Lyons (even with little problems) ), 1 Defender TD 5- Super car for kids.

But this, this Discovery 200 TDi should really be unauthorised to run in europe.

A name is not sufficient. The car was OK when (rarely) running, but still charlie cheap made.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2004

20th Oct 2004, 13:14

Dear Mrs,

I live in Brazil and I have a Discovery 200tdi.

I really love it. It has now more than 200.000Km and never had the problems you have mentioned.


4th Jul 2005, 17:21

I have a V8 manual 92 Disco imported from Japan, had it 4 years now and have only replaced the fuel filter, plugs and HT leads in that time. It eats tires, cause was a worn tie rod end, the springs are a bit soft and will need replacing along with the shocks. We tow a boat with kayaks on the roof rack and tow motocross bikes with it, very comfy on long drives, and can get 20mpg from the V8 manual. Yes the rear sun roof leaks and the rear door catch works loose every 2 month and yes the front swivels leak oil, but it is a dream to work on.

Living in New Zealand we travel on a lot of dirt roads and this vehicle is king for comfort and off road ability.

1992 Land Rover Discovery 3 door wagon, 5spd 3.5i V8 from Australia and New Zealand


Good all-round 4WD, put expensive on fuel


Power steering pump was reconditioned at 250,000 km.

Apart from that just general repairs from wear.

General Comments:

Has fairly quick acceleration, comfortable and functional interior with good off-road performance.

The running costs (mainly fuel) are high around 17-18 litres per 100km.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2004