2003 Land Rover Discovery HSE 4.6 from North America


Excellent quality, solid and safe -a quirky British alternative to the Lexus' of the world


The radio seems flawed. I've had to "re-boot" twice. This is accomplished by pressing the TP button at the same time you hold down the first and third control buttons. This does reset the software and the radio works again, but it's my understanding that Land Rover is replacing many radios from early 2003 models. In addition, the GPS system was non-functional. I am waiting for software (a CD) from the dealer. The windshield wiper fluid will not shoot onto the front windshield. I'm assuming this is because the tube was not connected or perhaps the pump is defective. I am taking the vehicle back to the dealer to have these problems corrected.

General Comments:

Nonetheless, this is the finest off-road vehicle made -this and the Range Rover. I've taken both throughout the North Eastern united States, Equinox, off road on trails, etc. The discovery takes punishment -far more than you can subject a Jeep to- and it performs flawlessly. This is a heavy car, j7ust over 4,500 lbs, and it feels solid on the road. I've felt totally comfortable driving through heavy rains. In addition, with snow tires, this vehicle will drive down an unplowed street, nonplussed. Equipped with the standard 18" Goodyear tires, this car is a great performer for highway and "light" off road, such as corn fields, dirt roads, etc. For serious off-roading, you will need to get proper tires. Storage space is generous, and the Discovery has much more interior storage room than my previous 92 Range Rover Country. During normal driving, the new engine, borrowed from the previous Range Rovers (pre-BMW) is powerful and offers fine performance for highway and city driving. The additional horsepower are a benifit for passing, etc. Sports mode adds zip, but swallows more gas. And these cars do drink a lot of gas. But this is because this is a serious off-road vehicle, not an Escalade or something. This is the real deal and you pay for it at the fuel pump. I get maybe 12 MPG.

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Review Date: 13th October, 2002

5th Feb 2005, 14:06

Can you get the turbo diesel variants in the USA? The 5 cylinder 2.5 TD has loads of torque, gets you 100km for 10 liters, and sounds good too.

23rd Mar 2005, 13:52

It's a brilliant car very accommodating for every day needs and by far the best 4x4 I have ever owned!!!

8th Jul 2007, 16:58

Can take more punishment than a jeep? Perhaps a Grand Cherokee, but not a Wrangler...

27th Jul 2007, 04:22

Looking at buying a diesel 03-04 discovery, any major issues to be concerned about?