2005 Land Rover Discovery HSE 2.7 diesel from UK and Ireland


Great, but I don't think it will last 5 years, so will sell before the warranty is out!


The sunroof doesn't work, dealer has tried to fix, neither do the rear roof vent controls (no power getting to them).

The dipping external mirrors sometimes fail to reset to their original position.

The gear selector has jammed in reverse twice, but then freed itself after about 2 minutes.

The comfort setting, which is meant to be key coded to each key, doesn't work.

The memory seats don't store your settings.

And finally, warning chimes go off intermittently, you check the info display, but there's no reason, they just like to sound off, happens about once every two trips.

General Comments:

Don't get the wrong idea, despite all the faults, I actually really like this car. The ride is great and the performance is excellent considering it weighs 2.5 tonnes. We also get 26.8mpg, which is pretty good, although you change your driving style as hurrying along just doesn't suit it, and doesn't 'feel' right. It also looks good, and everyone who comes in it loves it (even 4x4 haters).

Bad points though (apart from the awful build quality) is that the headrests aren't adjustable, and as I like the seats upright, they push your head forward. Also they have a poor shape, so on longer trips you get a little sore - the seats in our Vectra are way better.

There is also a massive blind spot on your right hand side due to the large B pillar, some cars, like our Golf before (and the Vectra) have a split external mirror to compensate, but not the Land Rover.

Overall, it's a good car, but a real shame about the build quality.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2005

17th Nov 2005, 04:19

Thanks for this review. I have test driven 2 Disco 3's the first one was an HSE with privacy glass and all in black. I found this to be a gloomy place to be in and was put off the car. I then went to a dealer in Carlisle who took me out in a base 7 seater to their off road test facility and was totally won over. I currently have a Subaru Outback 3.0Rn which has been faultless and I'm not so sure about Land Rover quality. I do nearly 30,000 miles a year and the last thing I want is endless trips back to the dealer.