23rd Apr 2007, 07:02

We own a 1999 Disco 2, V8. We've had it converted to LPG. There is no need to lose boot space - we did not want to as we occasionally use the 7 seats. We've had the petrol tank replaced with LPG tanks and a smaller petrol tank fitted.

The results - V8 power, torque (and roar), with the equivalent to 25 - 35 mpg depending on driving style and conditions. A real 'no brainer'!!

3rd Jan 2011, 15:41

When looking for a Discovery, we looked at several, and drove 3 diesels and 1 petrol, and without a doubt chose the finest, being our 1999 3.9 V8 ES. The diesel may have advertised better mpg, but there was no comparison for either my wife or I, in both sound and pure driving pleasure. We've had the Discovery for nearly 5 years now, and it's been one of the best 4x4's we've had. The only time we've had remedial work done to it has been during a either yearly or twice yearly service, and this has been quite acceptable to date. We’d definitely buy another.

20th Jan 2011, 21:46

I purchased a V8 Disco Series 2 ES with 98ks on the clock.

It has now done 122ks.

This vehicle tows the boat with the greatest of ease, and when we go camping we load it to the hilt.

The driving experience is good, as I had an 88 Toyota Land Cruiser before, and that seemed hard to drive compared to the Disco.


Propeller shaft, viscous fan fail, leaking head gasket, engine rebuild, air compressor fail, oxygen sensors, crank sensor, front drivers lock, the back passenger door lock doesn't currently work, rear seat latch sticks and sometimes won't release.


4 brake rotors and pads, RF wheel bearing replacement (ouch) and regular services of oil etc.

After the engine rebuild the engine now leaks copious amounts of oil.

All the repairs were not covered by warranty and have cost a considerable amount. $13+k.

If you need to tow or 4x4, I think this will do the job.

But it would be advantageous if you have some good mechanical contacts or be mechanically minded to save on the workshop bills.

It drinks petrol with passion!