18th Aug 2007, 00:59

Well I just came across this message and thought I would chime in, since I've owned a 97 disco 1 99.

Well the first review is very accurate. If you don't plan on learning about Land Rover faults and how to work on it yourself, then I hope you are a very wealthy person, LOL.

Anyway, here's a brief list of the things I've replaced in the last few years.

I've done the front windows I believe about six times, the first two were done by the dealer @ 350 (roughly). I had enough of that and started replacing them myself. The problem is with the nylon roller in the inside track; it easily wears and eventually sheers off and unfortunately requires a whole new assembly to fix.

Also had a problem with the control board for the windows located behind the glove box. They wanted so much to fix it that I decided to research it and found a fix on the net somewhere. Basically the solder on one pin on the board melted away (or something); just soldered it again and works to this day.

The power switches love to collect dirt inside and stop working; another 250+ dealer job that you can do yourself for free (unless you mess up; gotta love Lucas Electric). :( )

I've also replaced the VSS sensor and the fuel pump. VSS sensor caused intermittent power loss while at highway speeds. The fuel pump just went out and left me stranded (at a lake in the middle of the night with no phone service; lots of fun).

Current repairs it needs are a new ignition; the key won't turn occasionally (750 dealer, 90.00 used). New front driver wheel bearing (650 dealer, 60.00 including the giant socket needed to remove the hub).

I could definitely keep going, but hopefully you get the idea. I've had more problems with this one than any other vehicle I've ever owned. But I still LOVE IT. It will drive through anything, tracks straight as an arrow, pulls a 16' boat surprisingly well. As long as you can keep up with the maintenance, they really are great vehicles.

23rd Aug 2007, 23:41

My daughter wanted a Discovery, and ended up with a 99 with 80k on the odometer. I was thinking I would have to plant the shade tree so I could work on it every weekend. That was August 2004.

From then to now, aside from the routine things, i.e. oil changes, rotate or buy new tires, etc., virtually nothing has been done.

At the 110,000 miles, it started running really, really, really bad. That turned out to be I missed the 100,000 mile tuneup. So basically, it needed new plugs and wires, and oh, an air filter. But wires, especially. Why LR sells the wires by the each is beyond me. Maybe its the fact that they are $16 EACH??? So, about $130 for wires, another $15 or so, for splugs, and it is good to go.

The only thing I have now is now has 115,000 miles, and will only run for a few seconds or not at all when kicked over. I am determined to figure out what the problem is, although I don't know what it is as yet. Aside from the SUV gas mileage, I like it still, and my daughter is still happy with it!

They have a look like no other vehicle on the road, and the amount of headroom is just a little less than you have in your living room at home. Great vehicle!

13th Dec 2007, 00:10

I work at so called "community garage" which deals with people of very low income!

First off all, used car lot "rats" take huge advantage of people with such low income. I see it every day. People get those nice looking rigs w/o a simple research. This web site has very good feedback and has helped me in the past to learn things that I use in my work. I thank you, fellow motorists, for that!

Well, beck to out goats...

LR as any British car requires a special approach. Unless you have solid financial support, I would not even look at these marvels of used-to-be British technology (things aren't better since Ford invaded British car maker territory).

Main reason we see so many failures with US imported vehicles is due to options included i. e power options/equipment. All these add-ons aren't cheap to repair, but very nice to have - NOT!!!!

Also, lack of simple attention of vehicle condition leads many people to pony up for costly "unjustified" repairs.

We, as a "community garage" charge minimum and provide full year of free service to people in need. Simply put we are non-profit.

Please respect yourself and your hard earned money when it comes to choosing next "glittering" new toy!

Thank you!