7th Mar 2007, 16:52

I too have a Freelander XEi, lovely to drive, but expensive to keep on the road, 1 week after the guarantee ran out the Head went! £1000 repair bill, the exhaust manifold gasket has gone twice and it failed the MOT on the rear tyres as they had a very strange wear pattern, it looks like the centre row of tread is lifting so instead of the whole of the tyre touching the road surface only the centre third is, I replaced the tyres back in July, but already the new ones are going the same way after about 10,000 miles. HELP!!!

14th Jul 2007, 15:17

I live in JhB South Africa. My Freelander 1.8I was brought into South Africa from the UK in 2005 with 43000 miles; seems to have been nothing but trouble since that very moment it reached SA.

At 47000 miles my head gasket has already blown, my front brakes required replacing, clutch has needed replacement, engine fans have needed replacement.

And now today, my IRD decided it was also missing out on the FUN, so I had my propshaft removed in order to continue driving...!!! Should I next expect the tyres (which are brand new @ the cost of 230 pounds for 2, decide to just go flat asw ell... I couldn't wish more for just 1 trouble free FREElander day!!!

I now own a 4X2, which is a pathetic SUV with only front wheel drive.. Does Landrover accept any liability/ responsibility for IRD failures?

3rd Jun 2008, 05:39

I have a free lander 1998/1998. Bought it with 99 000KM.

I need second hand or new motor (Engine)

11th Feb 2011, 10:44

I bought a 54 plate Freelander EXi, and have had nothing but trouble with it. Recently while driving down the motorway, black smoke came from the rear, and only when it was taken to the garage did they tell me the back diff had gone, costing £900. I've lost confidence in the car, which I hoped I'd love.

Ian from Halesowen.