2008 Land Rover LR2 from North America




This car broke down on an average of once a month. This was supposed to be a safe, reliable car for my 18 year old daughter. It was anything but.

Replaced the transmission TWO months after buying the car.. dealer cost? $10,000. Coils, fuel pump, ignition... the list goes on and on... I paid more for repairs in the short time we owned the car than I paid for the car. It was the most disappointing purchase I've ever made. I began to worry nightly when my daughter left for work. If not for AAA, she would have been stranded in all sorts of places, without warning. The car would just quit... literally. One night, on the highway, it just shut off... yeah, completely. Horrible car.

General Comments:

Beautiful to look at, inside and out. Reliability and cost to fix... terrible and astronomical.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2015

2010 Land Rover LR2 3.2 I6 from North America


Delightful transportation, regardless of the weather


Nothing has gone wrong, but at less than 10,000 miles, I would expect it to be that way.

General Comments:

The car has very good visibility (which was one of the main reasons I bought it). Bad weather performance is very good for a "cute ute." We had some interesting weather this winter including an 18" snowfall, and the LR2 did better than I was expecting. At one point other cars on the road were crawling along 10-15, while the LR2 felt solid and secure at 50MPH. The torque vectoring center differential really works.

It has a very pleasant and comfortable interior with excellent seats, an outstanding audio system, and it's proven quite practical for hauling gear.

Steering is terrific, nicely weighted and providing good feedback. Brakes are surprisingly strong for a tall heavy vehicle (best in class, I believe), but have poor "pedal feel" (a huge contrast with the steering). But they work well. The 6 speed automatic and accelerator response are tuned for sloppy conditions, even when "tarmac" is selected in terrain control. They've both been "dulled" to keep you from getting stuck. It's not bad, but with the steering being so good, it's quite a contrast. There's an available sport mode, but it keeps revs up all the time and is just too much for normal driving. I'd like an in-between mode.

The engine power is adequate, but just barely (for me, at least). Mileage is no better than expected for a medium sized SUV with full time all wheel drive, averaging about 16.5 MPG in suburban driving (I'm usually in a bit of a hurry, pulling pretty hard from stoplights, leaving other traffic well behind). You may drive differently and get a little better mileage. The trip computer makes it easy to keep track.

The car cost well under $40k after dealer discounts and represents a terrific value. The leather appointed cabin, dual sunroofs, quiet ride, great steering, great visibility, great brakes, and great stereo make for a delightful, serene, driving experience. If the transmission and accelerator performance were a little tighter, it would be sportier.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2011