1983 Land Rover LWB diesel from UK and Ireland


Almost everything mechanical; far too much (and too frightening) to list. Engine/gearbox/transfer box/diffs especially weak.

General Comments:

Bought as a working vehicle but it was never reliable enough. Endless different mechanical problems. (At least spares are cheap.) When it was running it never did more than 18 mpg. Oh, and the turning circle is about five miles.

The body's aluminium but the steel chassis and scuttle rust faster than you can weld them. Main dealers are incredibly expensive for anything but there are plenty of cheap specialists.

I can't recommend an old L-R on any grounds except they look macho: I'm told the newer (V8) ones are better.

I bought a Nissan instead.

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Review Date: 16th October, 1999

18th Jan 2005, 00:29

Here goes away another legend.

Good bye Land Rover, welcome whatever Japanese 4x4!