1976 Land Rover Range Rover 2 door 3.5 V8 carb from UK and Ireland


Way ahead of its time


The steering had dramatic play in it, and needed all the ball joints changed.

Front, rear and hand brakes were all rebuilt.

Fuel tank was replaced, along with lines and sender unit.

Always made a strange noise under power in second gear. I think the gearbox needed some attention.

General Comments:

The rover v8 engine was great once it was in tune, and sounded musical. The Stromberg 175cd carburettors let it down though and were replaced with a set of HIF6 SUs. These gave me more performance and economy - up to 18MPG with the mirrors folded back!!

The aluminium bodywork lasted well, with only the steel lower tailgate rusting away.

The interior was pure 70s tack, but it suited the overall character of the first Range Rovers well.

Suspension, engine, brakes, road holding and off-road ability were in a different league from the SIII I replaced with it.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2002

3rd Jun 2007, 12:13

Hello--i am writing a book and I am interested in finding out how much a Range Rover would have cost new in the 1970s...say 1975 or so? Would this have been a very high end/luxury car? any info is appreciated. thanks

S in Texas.