1984 Land Rover Range Rover Classic Deluxe V8 carburettor from Kenya


Land Rover should never have discontinued production. It is the best yet


I got the car in fairly good condition. Engine running well, good paint job, old but well kept interior, no rust etc. Kudos to the former owner; 1988 (when registered) to 2008 is long time to keep a vehicle that good.

Consumption was through the roof. I had to change the engine with a 2.5 turbo diesel injection, TD 200, the one that came with the Discovery Series 1 and some Diesel Range Rover Classics in the 90s. The vehicle is much louder now.

The 5 Speed gear box meshed excellently with the diesel engine, giving it never before experienced torque and power. The clutch became harder though, more like a Land Rover Defender.

Power steering box failed at 50,000 Kms. By the way, I think the odometer had gone another round earlier as it ends at 99,999 kms. I put in a Classic power steering box.

Dashboard lights are very faint, while the speedometer stick is hardly steady.

General Comments:

This is Africa. The car is excellent while on off road. You live with nature. Nothing blends better in nature. I have battled huge tracts of black cotton soil, red soil, and always got home.

The vehicle has very good comfort, and is quite easy to manoeuvre, even in tight corners.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 28th March, 2011