1987 Land Rover Range Rover Vogue EFi 3.5 V8 from UK and Ireland


Not for the 'economy' motorist


Radiator was weeping from the seams. I guess most people wouldn't have bothered, but as an ex vehicle fitter less than 100% isn't good enough.

The fuel pump packed in within 8 weeks, but this was due to a burned out connection and not a pump fault. I repaired it myself for around £3.

The headlining needs replacing, but it needed this when I bought it.

Exhaust manifold has really irritating 'blow' that is resisting all attempts to seal it - the manifold will have to come off.

General Comments:

The driving position and abilities of this vehicle are not legendary for no reason.

It really is the best off road there is, all the US steel just looks good, but when it comes down to it can't deliver - the Range Rover can and does, both on and off road.

In comfort terms the room inside seems limitless. The driver's seat complete with arm-rests and multiple position adjustments mean that it's like driving your favourite armchair. The room for all passengers is incredible.

The visibility all round is incredible.

For a large vehicle it is easier to drive than some stock rep mobiles and isn't as hard to park as you would think.

For towing it has few equals.

A Rover of this age is really an enthusiasts motor and is more suited to a competent DIY'er.

If you are the type of motorist who needs to use main dealers for maintenance, this is not the car for you unless money is no object.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2002

20th Jan 2002, 07:28

Agree wholeheartedly with this review. A fantastic car, but it needs to be handled with care. Mine required a new front engine cover after 60K miles, the water pump had 'eaten' the metal away and it was leaking. Also the gearbox was wrecked after 60K miles. Land-Rover specified filling the gearbox with ATF to help with smooth gear changes, but it did nothing to protect the innards of the transmission, so a used one cost me £750. Depreciation not too good either, and I was given a serious amount of grief by Land Rover when I bought it (it cost £ 1400 more than the advertised price), the seats wouldn't move, and the tailgate was stuck fast. Not too clever for a manufacturer with Royal Warrants all over its advertising material.