1992 Land Rover Range Rover Classic V8 from North America


Lovely, quirky, dependable. British


Swivel ball seal, repaired before very expensive CV damage occurred.

Stuck brake caliper, replaced with a rebuilt unit.

Stereo head unit died, replaced with a rebuilt unit. I kept the stock stereo system because it sounded great and was more cost effective than replacing everything.

Exhaust leaked. Right side cylinder head to exhaust manifold gasket needed replaced. During repair, stud snapped in head and resulted in cylinder head removal/rebuild. This was major as it was my everyday means of transportation. Several weeks later the left side needed the same gasket.

While adding the first, of what should have been routine, drop of oil under rotor arm, distributor assembly came apart. Scary, but went back together quite well.

Heater fan motor and speed resistor failed. This repair required dash removal, but I got the A.C. bugs worked out while I was in there.

Various non-essential electrical and mechanical components.

General Comments:

Because this car is British I anticipated a breakdown every time I left the house. Not so, this was an exotic, surprisingly reliable, head turner. This is not the truck for someone who doesn't want to spend time and/or money on repairs. Parts can be very expensive.

Amazing to drive in deep snow. Start the car, turn on heated front and rear windows and drive while everyone else is digging pathways to their cars.

I was reluctant to do heavy off-roading with the Rover, I knew it could get me home; I just didn't want to break anything. Quality parts = many $ or £.

Exemplary build quality. Even the genuine replacement parts have a nice "feel". If something failed, I could usually repair/rebuild faulty part myself. Most other vehicle's components are disposable.

Was in an accident and totaled the Range Rover. I took out a a highway lamp post with the full force of the truck behind the driver side door. I, the driver, was unharmed.

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Review Date: 5th October, 2007

1992 Land Rover Range Rover County 3.9 V8 from North America


The ultimate 4x4


Required new brake rotors when purchased. Replaced two faulty catalytics and the rest of the exhaust on back after that.

Replaced some electrics, such as lights.

General Comments:

Overall very reliable.

Great in snow.

The ride is terrific, and feels very solid on the highway.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2003

1992 Land Rover Range Rover Classic Brooklands 3.9 V8 from UK and Ireland


The vehicle is a superb all purpose, safe and comfortable means of transport.


Headlights were rusty and replaced at only £23 for the pair.

Ignition lock would sometimes jam, IE the car could not be started. This was replaced new at only £64. Dealer price was £120!

Petrol pump (in tank) pipes were corroded and the whole pump needed to be replaced. The cost was £110, again on the internet compared with £230 from dealer.

Front and rear brake discs (£32 each for the front and £16 each for the rear) were replaced.

Front and rear brake pads replaced at £24 for the front set and £16 for the rear.

Front and rear brake caliper pistons were replaced. Four pistons per side at the front and two pistons per side for the rear. Price was £6 per piston plus £3 for the seal kit per caliper.

HT leads and plugs were also replaced at a total of £37.

One new tyre was fitted. Fitted, balanced and valve replaced cost was £65.

The price of front brake pads for my Rover 216 was £40!

General Comments:

Overall the price of parts is very reasonable and cheaper than many small cars.

DIY is pretty easy and access to parts is good. In fact working underneath the vehicle is great as you do not even need to put it onto ramps.

The average fuel consumption is 18mpg, but as the vehicle is only used occasionally, this is not a major cost to cover. Annual mileage is about 4000 miles.

The next item that must be replaced soon is the upper tailgate. No surprises there then!

Insurance is only £290 for fully comprehensive cover.

The vehicle is quiet, very comfortable and is in excellent condition with the parts listed as being replaced being quite normal at the mileage covered.

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Review Date: 8th January, 2003

1992 Land Rover Range Rover LSE Vogue 4.2 EFI from UK and Ireland


Excellent good all round performance


Replaced head gaskets at 110000miles.

Replaced water pump and all hoses at the same time.

Air suspension was re calibrated at 112000miles (Cost £25.00!)

General Comments:

The LSE has been generally reliable; the head gasket problem was my own fault for not checking the level after the car had been left standing for 4 months.

I reckon it is the best of all the Range Rover models - I've owned 7 now - mainly because of the extra room.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2002