1998 Land Rover Range Rover HSE 4.6L from North America


I am hooked on Land Rover, by far my favorite vehicle


Cruise control hose shot. Repaired with $5 rubber tubing from Parts City.

Driver side mirror doesn't go back to the right spot after you switch from reverse back to drive.

WalMart put on my 4 brand new tires (purchased elsewhere); they didn't heed my warning by telling them to at least keep a door or the tail gate open so the suspension wouldn't run while the car was lifted... Surprise, the air suspension was destroyed by that visit. WalMart did a good job though of having a check to me within a week. I used it to convert to coil springs, and I pocketed the rest.

Ran the belt a bit too far past what it should of went, and had to replace the water pump because of it after the belt slipped off.

General Comments:

I love this beast. It's extremely comfortable, and with the all time 4x4, I really feel safe when my fiance is out on longer trips on our bad winter nights here in Minnesota.

The ride was good with the air suspension, but much, much softer now with coil springs and brand new shocks. I'm very happy with the conversion kit by Strutmasters.

I haven't really had too many issues; most things that went wrong were probably because of me. I couldn't recommend this car more, I highly suggest buying one if you can cope with the realistic nature of it needing repairs for stupid things here and there. I will say though, do not settle for a cheaper Rover to save a buck. Find one from a guy who is as enthused about the car still as you are about buying it, and you should have a happier owning experience.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave an email or comment, I'll check back often!

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Review Date: 9th December, 2010

1998 Land Rover Range Rover 4.0 V8 from North America


Great SUV!


Not a whole lot! the original owner took great care of it. The original owner has had no problems with it.

The only problems I've had are the Water pump and a Windshield wiper relay.

Other than that just regular maintenance.

General Comments:

This vehicle is a pleasure to own. To minimize problems, the original owner had the air suspension replaced with standard gas shocks. The ride isn't as smooth, but it's much more durable and not something to worry about breaking.

The power isn't great, but it's enough. It's fairly quick with the smaller engine, but it won't set any land speed records. It sounds great as well, especially when you really romp on it. I won't even mention gas mileage, because, well, it's a big SUV. The brake feel is incredibly intuitive, there is little pedal travel before the brakes catch, but it's not jerky or too touchy and I can feel exactly what's going to happen as well as when. For such a large SUV it sure handles well.

One thing that really does not impress me is materials quality. For the most part, the only soft surface other than the cloth headliner and lower door trim is the dashboard, which is the same that is used in BMWs for most of their surfaces. The door panels on my RR for example, are crafted of hard plastic with no real soft surface to rest your arm on. This low quality seems to pass throughout the whole cabin. However, since it was such a good deal I figured it was something I could deal with. There's not much to complain about for $8000 and low mileage, in prestine condition.

The outside is deep forest green which still sparkles like new and the sport rims look great. I love the solid whump sound the doors make when they're closed. It seems to be built very well, just with not the highest quality parts for it's $52,000 sticker price. The creme color interior still looks as good as new with no blemishes. I enjoy the stock sound system quite a bit actually, plenty of power and comes through clear as a bell.

I bought it as something nice to drive the family around in, and it certainly hasn't failed us there. It's been off road quite a few times and it does well there, as it should. Seems to crawl through whatever Hell I can throw at it.

Overall it's a great vehicle which I hope I can keep for many many years!

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Review Date: 17th January, 2008