2004 Land Rover Range Rover Vogue 4.4 V8 from Australia and New Zealand


A fantastic comfortable 4WD with lots of toys to play with. Highly recommended


Bought the Vogue 12 months ago. Converted to gas. Cost AU$5500.

Not long after the purchase, replaced the water pump, which BURST! Cost AU$1100. Very expensive for a water pump.

I previously owned a RR, and had hoped for the same reliability I had from my 1986 Highline Range Rover. This is the problem with secondhand cars. You do not know what the servicing has been like. My experience with RR has been positive so long as you maintain it rigorously. Do not miss a service, and use quality parts, not necessarily genuine.

General Comments:

A beautiful 4WD. We have not used it for outback driving yet. We do intend to. The car is still fun to drive. It is comfortable, easy to drive for such a big heavy car. People always comment on how much they like the car. On long trips the comfort means you can stay alert for longer and arrive fresh. Absolute comfort.

All the electronics do make it heavy (just under 3 tonne), but they are useful and fun to use such as the satnav including off road coordinates.

The gas conversion has not affected the performance in any way, but has halved the fuel bill.

If you like it, buy it. Even though it is made in England, which does not have the best reputation for build quality.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2010

11th Mar 2014, 01:46

Buying the water pump online may have been less painful on the wallet.