2013 Land Rover Range Rover V8 from North America


Trying to be everything to everybody - unsuccessfully


Lots, but with maintenance it can be avoided.

Stereo speakers quit after the RR mechanics fixed the dash gauges...

Which quit because they got "back there to fix the electric door mirror. Which says more about the mechanics than the design.

I have friends who have the suspension issues, but I did not.

General Comments:

My previous Land Rovers were a 1953 Series 1 and a 1971 Safari LWB Series II when I lived in England. I do not know why I expected the same reliability (as in, "easily fixed) from a RR, but I did. Stupidity on my part it seems.

I also noticed how several here have stated that "if you get the Volvo, life will be good again". Well if you go to the Volvo XC page for this year, they are *all* complaining about them.

Maybe I am just hearing the squeaky wheels here, hoping for more oil.

It IS overcomplicated, but the market demands gizmos. A stripped 2-door RR would not leave the showroom.

I drove my old Land Rovers in truly appalling conditions over snow/ice/mud, and I am confident the RR would have handled it too, even though I would have been carting around several hundred pounds of unnecessary options supplied solely to attract the Chelsea Tractor crowd and keep their attention. The difference being in the Series II Land Rover, I wore a navy issue Avon dry-suit and was driving over frozen Thames Estuary water sat in a plastic seat with no carpets. I could "seat 12" Hmmmm.... and I towed things way too heavy, but it did it. Had we had this forum, the image crowd would be complaining about the leather seals on the front axles, or if a Series 1, how you sat *ON* the petrol tank and removed the seat base to fill it. It is too easy to complain now and be heard.

The RR is really a victim of its own marketing, with more and more cup holders being demanded with each new model.

You either like 'em because you use them, or complain, because you should have bought a Lexus LX470 to create the image. You sadly, cannot have both.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2013

24th Nov 2013, 08:21

To be fair, everyone on here complains about EVERY car it looks like!

BTW, if you look at 2013 Volvo reports, they aren't complaining! Perhaps 2003 ones, but you can't compare them to a new Range Rover! LOL.

People who just want an A-B car should buy a Lexus, and those who want an interesting car should buy anything else. There is more to life than purely reliability!! And this is from a high mileage Volvo owner whose car is 100% reliable!

17th May 2014, 17:44

The only ones that still say 'Volvo is for life' are the ones that only saw this on television but never drove one, or the ones that still have a 2000 or older model. Newer models went downhill.