2017 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque HSE Dynamic Convertible from North America


Stylistically superior but technologically inferior


At least it's pretty to look at... The much lauded newest InControl Touch Pro system is a huge letdown. Even though the new 10" screen is a vast improvement, the voice recognition was removed. I'm very confused as to why this function was removed. I am also very upset that:

* In the brochure for this vehicle it states that voice recognition is available and "hands free control of your phone".

* The salesman I bought the vehicle from went into great detail about how much the new InControl voice command had improved since my 2015 Range Rover.

* The Land Rover USA website specifically lists voice recognition as a feature on the convertible on page 31 of the current downloadable PDF.

* My owner's manual which pertains only to the convertible model has a section explaining voice commands and voice tags, and it seems like every other page in that manual has notations warning against driver distraction regarding using the touchscreen.

ALL voice command features were removed.  The phone can be answered and talked on... period. No calls can be initiated. No SMS talk to text, no media control, no navigation. These features are standard on economy brand base model vehicles in 2017. Why is this InControl unit so different that it can't even be upgraded? Why were the safety benefits, convenience benefits and consumer preference completely disregarded?

I just got the vehicle back from the dealership. I've owned it less than one month and I've driven a loaner for two weeks while it's been in and out of the service dept. because the removal of all voice command functions was apparently unknown to any salesperson or service tech that I have come into contact with thus far. This time I was told by them that they were informed by Land Rover that it is functioning as it is supposed to, and in-spite of the salesperson at Land Rover, the Land Rover website, the Range Rover Convertible brochure, the videos on YouTube and the model specific owner's manual all saying that InControl Touch Pro features voice command/recognition, it actually does not on this car. The button on the steering wheel that has the voice command icon is merely a mute button now.

So basically a newer, upgraded and technologically superior system has had significant functionality reductions deliberately. With zero options to upgrade or update. I truly wish that this information was available to me BEFORE I spent $71,000 on this car.

General Comments:

This is the 2nd Land Rover I have owned, but if I keep it at all, it will most likely be the last.

Even more disappointing because IT IS SO PRETTY!!!

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Review Date: 4th February, 2017