1975 Land Rover Series 3 109 2.25 from Indonesia


Best classic 4x4 without nonsense


My brake jammed and dragged and thus overheated the engine in my first 100 kilometers. But fixing all the problems was a piece of cake. Just wrong brake shoes spring false attached.

Voltage regulator burnt twice at 250 kilometers, and next 280 kilometers.

False readings of the temperature gauges from the beginning, already checked the voltage stabilizer, probably had a bad temperature sensor.

General Comments:

I get all the wheel bearing repacked and greased. Put Militec-1 on the engine and the transmission, included the transfer case. Engine runs so smooth, and almost don't know if it's running.

It handles the trails like a tank, perfect articulation, awesome traction and flawless gear ratio. Superb off road rigs.

It comes at the most basic necessities, no electrical gimmicks, no potential fails caused by electricity. It always runs and handles all kinds of trail conditions.

Mine comes with reclining front seats, and addition of power steering and power brakes, which improves the comfort and easy of use.

Rust only on bottom door frames, straight and flawless chassis and bulkhead.

Cracked and tattered on top dash linings and door trims, but it's minor.

Always got much of other's attention on the road.

Land Rover Series 3 109 is the best 4x4 ever.

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Review Date: 30th November, 2010

1975 Land Rover Series 3 109 2.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


A rugged no nonsense workhorse


Gearbox failure (jammed in second gear) in 1997. 90,000 miles.

Engine wore out at 100,000 miles and had severe bore wear, but kept running, if a little underpowered.

General Comments:

I purchased my series 3 as a restoration project for a few hundred pounds. It had sat in a field for 5 years and was in a bad state, but after six months of hard work and £4000, it was fully restored. It is a simple vehicle and a great workhorse for towing and transporting stuff and people around, but don't expect car type comfort. It is cheap to run and insure if you do your own maintenence (not hard) and use non franchise dealers and pattern parts. The fuel consumption is however poor at 20mpg even if the engine is healthy.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2003