1978 Land Rover Series 3 88 2.25 diesel from UK and Ireland


An awesome workhorse, full of character and a huge amount of fun


Ignition went at 155,150 miles, along with the stopping cable.

Left halfshaft broke at 155,500 miles.

Speedo cable snapped at 156,000 miles.

Accelerator cable snapped at 158,000 miles.

Right halfshaft broke at 160,400 miles.

And a few other minor issues, to be expected on an old vehicle. All were repaired quickly and with ease.

General Comments:

The vehicle is very slow and noisy, it leaks like a sieve, and something always need fixing on it.

The electrics are dodgy, the seats are uncomfortable (despite being the Deluxe seats), the steering is VERY heavy, and gears are all over the place, but it's absolutely awesome.

It doesn't say anything about your personal status, but yet it's absolutely fantastic. The roof unbolts to make it a convertible, you can make it into any body style you like.

It is FULL of character, it's dependable, and it just wants to keep on going and going. It's always there when you need it for an important job, it's very fun to drive.

The 2.25 petrol and diesel engines are easy as pie to fix, and have immense pull to them.

It has a solid low range, and can get out of almost anything. If something breaks, there is always something you can do to patch it up and be on your way. A Land Rover can be used for almost any application, and I wouldn't have mine any other way.

Parts are very cheap and easy to get hold of, as nearly every one ever made is on the go still. The fuel consumption isn't great, at 18mpg city, 22mpg on the road (diesel).

As for safety, the seatbelts are usually static adjustables, and there are no airbags or crumple zones, with a fairly unforgiving interior.

I'm not telling you to go out and get one right now, it's not everybody's cup of tea. Mine is my daily drive, it's unsuitable for a lot of people. You may want it for the weekend, or for offroad fun, but all in all, it's a great vehicle.

It's not just a car, but a faithful friend.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2009

7th Jan 2009, 12:31

Good review.

I've been in this Land Rover and although it's not really my cup of tea as the reviewer put it, I would describe it as a "fun vehicle" - that is to say that although I could not live with it every day, it's good to ride in the back or on short journeys because it's an interesting vehicle.

Just remember not to sit in the middle seat or you'll get bruised by the gear stick constantly hitting your legs (lol) but that doesn't matter.

8th Jan 2009, 08:07

Very accurate, good review.