1979 Land Rover Series 3 LWB ex MOD 2.25 petrol from UK and Ireland


Hardcore tank- only for those with lots of time and money


God, where do I start. Carboretta was sucking in way too much fuel, so fitted new one. Starter motor failed, as did brake master cylinder as did clutch slave.

General Comments:

For all the cursing and hair-pulling this car has caused me, I remember it with the fondest of memories.

I bought it for £875 to take all my DJ equipment out to the French Alps in for 2004/5 ski season. And it just about got me the 700 miles there, albeit with my pockets much lighter due to the terrible MPG. Take note, a canvas roofed car with no heating is not ideal for minus 20 degree weather.

However, it was classic to see all the French motorists struggling to put on the chains on the first hint of snow, as my 25 year old landy ploughed past them and up steep inclines with ease. Even took it off-road on the pistes towards the end of the season.

Then took it 1000 miles round Italy and had no problems.

Also tested it on an off-road day in some serious mud and apart from grounding out a couple of times because it's the LWB model it completely kicked ass.

Was very sad to see it go as I was moving to NZ for a year. Will definately buy another one when I get home, probably a SWB though.

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Review Date: 1st April, 2006

1979 Land Rover Series 3 109 2 1/4 diesel from UK and Ireland


Only for those who truly want one


A braking problem led to the renewal of the entire braking system - poor quality replacements meant doing some jobs twice!

Chassis cracked behind a front spring hanger (a common weak spot - check!).

Heater valve packed up whilst on holiday spraying coolant in the air in a fine impression of the Trevi Fountain!

General corrosion and rot although the bulkhead is at least sound - electrolytic reaction between the aluminium panels and steel structure being the main cause.

General Comments:

The best 4X4 by far? Easily - but unless you are prepared to put time and effort into repair and upkeep, don't even think about it unless you can afford a professionally restored example.

These vehicles are fun to drive on and off road, but can be heavy and hard work - the turning circle leaves much to be desired and the gearchange awkward (you do know how to double-declutch don't you?)

2 1/4 diesel is underpowered especially in the 109 (LWB), but torque is excellent - show a Land Rover a steep muddy slope and it'll climb it, in it's own time though!

If speed is your thing forget it, although mine managed a respectable 60mph average cruising speed Sheffield - Cornwall.

You won't get anywhere fast, and forget trying to hear the radio, but you'll have a huge grin when you finally get where you are going!

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Review Date: 27th September, 2001

27th Nov 2006, 11:50

Yes 70 MPH, what a bummer eh? should be at least 90.

28th Nov 2006, 11:54

Those limits were introduced in a very different time, its not just the fact that the cars stop in half the distance than they used to, or that you are much better protected in them these days. But as our economy and quality of life rises we need a good fast flowing road network. Unfortunately certain groups are doing they're very best to slow everything down and drive us out of our cars. And I am only refering to motorway limits.

1st Aug 2008, 06:49

85mph in a series Landy! Are you a fisherman as well? 50-60 mph is about it. Mine, (swb, 2.25 petrol) is happiest at 50mph, and so am I.

7th Jan 2009, 12:22

Mine is 62mph in the 2.25 Diesel.

10th Mar 2009, 15:47

Hee Hee..

I have a 1958 Series 2a, and it will do 125 mph. But it has been modified a bit.

1979 Land Rover Series 3 109 from UK and Ireland



General Comments:

Totally brilliant go anywhere green box with wheels on. Nothing gets in your way in this beastie.

Used daily for my gardening business, a real British classic.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2000