1987 Land Rover Series 3 109 2.25 petrol from UK and Ireland


A proper Land Rover


Exhaust kept working loose at the manifold - a couple of longer nuts and bolts fixed it.

Usual minor oil leaks from practically everything.

Replaced seat squabs.

When I bought vehicle it was permanently in 4 wheel drive - this was fixed by replacing missing bolt on linkage - cost 73p.

Poor starting and irregular running cured by 1) replacing battery, 2) tuning. Considerable improvement by using v-electrode plugs and a cheap transistor assisted ignition from Maplins.

Gear change takes some getting used to - like stirring a bucket with a 3 foot pole!

Speedo gives an estimate of speed rather than an accurate measure. Replacement system does the same.

General Comments:

No problem keeping up in normal traffic and rattles along at about 70mph if pushed. Happiest up to 55mph. High driving position helps.

Parts are easily available and so cheap.

Great fun to drive on and off road. I am over 6ft tall and find driving it amazingly easy, not comfortable though. The longest trip I have done in miles is 300 on a motorway and in time was 8hrs doing a 150 mile rally. I could still walk at the end, but was slightly deaf.

Does 17 - 20 mpg depending on conditions.

Very flexible engine, I stick it in 4th gear at 12mph and leave it there unless I have to stop.

Sailed through its last MOT without even a comment.

Have carried motorbikes home in the back.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 2nd November, 2004