1990 Lexus ES 250 from North America


Love it


2010: Rear engine mount, struts, power steering hoses and leaking pump (pump was working fine), ignition line hose leak (big smoke), speedometer and odometer don't work after leaving the mechanic last time (didn't fix yet), engine seals leak (didn't fix yet), OD light flashing on and off (didn't fix), new starter (warranty) cost: 4k for just the fixed stuff above. I'm stupid, but I love my car.

Wheel still rubs on every rotation, have to take it back again.

I think the mechanic sucks, but may just be my opinion. Every time I go there, I leave with something broken that wasn't broken when I went in. He says the car is old. I don't buy it. I'm female.

If the car was pimped, it would be great. It's more like a boat that needs money dumped into it.

If you are not into regular maintenance (like me), the oil and other leaks ruin a bunch of other parts.

Over the years: sunroof cables broke during a rainstorm (class action suit that I wasn't a part of) $800.

Trunk hinges always broken.

Leather seats all torn up, broken from the sun, I weigh 150 and never had a passenger in the car in 20 years.

Transmission replaced 4 or 5 times: 4k lifetime warranty AAMCO, yearly inspection.

Accident: drained freon. Haven't had heat or AC in 10 years. 10 weeks in the shop: 7.5k (car was totaled) ($2500 more than estimate) Kid came flying around the corner. I was at a light on a bridge. Got car back from shop with blown head gasket. $700 more.

Fuel line freezes in the bitter winter (cannot stop the car no-way no-how, and it feels like the cruise control is taking over (like the car has a mind of its own since the accident).

Horrible undercoating. Rust everywhere. Many spots rusted out. Fixed (ugly) with bondo. You'd think Lexus would want me off the road, I'm a poor advertisement for them. I guess they have more problems now with all the recalls.

Need control arm replacement on a regular basis (oil leaks on the boots).

Window motors, antenna, broken for years.

CD player replaced once during the warranty, and the CD got stuck in it. Never worked since then - like 1990.

Had to pull the radio fuse after charging iPod - big no-no. Have a draw now. I had to disconnect the battery for a year every night until I got a Sears Platinum battery for $250. It has a reserve and cancels out the draw.

Paid so much for all the repairs, could never buy a new Lexus, no money left. Would like a new one. No sugar daddy.

Anybody that has one to get rid of let me know, I take donations :) I live in NJ. mtortajada2@yahoo.com

Don't check email often. Put subject line as Lexus. I can search that. Any model.

I would love to have one that doesn't have so many problems as mine. The look is still good after 20 years. The clear coat and paint is gone.

Door locks always froze solid.

Car missed govt buy-back -21pmg, 1mpg over the cut off. I wouldn't give her up anyway.

I'll probably think of a bunch more things after this, but some creep just sat down next to me at the library and I have to go.

Happy Lexus-Motoring!

General Comments:

Not big enough for all my junk.

Car door always catches in the grass over the curb, and ripped off both quarter panels.

Ride is still tight after 20 years, and the car still idles at 500 rpm.

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Review Date: 19th February, 2010

1990 Lexus ES 250 V6 from North America


Sturdy, reliable, great piece of work :)


The battery cables came loose and the car would not start.

A spring broke inside of the drivers side door, and could not open from inside or out, but was a cheap $50 fix.

The seats are showing their age :(

General Comments:

Great car for the money. I paid $3,500 for mine and it has been worth every penny. The engine is strong and responds quickly.

However, this is not a great car when it comes to driving around with friends, due to its small size.

For the size, it should get better gas mileage, but it only gets at best 27 highway :(

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2009