1990 Lexus ES 250 2.5 Liter, V6, 4-Cylinder, Ove from North America


Chicks Dig A College Boy In A Lexus...


Reverse Gear Worn Out - Entire transmission dismantled to fix reverse (due to front-wheel drive) - cost $1,850 to fix.

Blew Exhaust Pipe From Manifold To Catalytic Converter - cost $350 to fix.

General Comments:

This car is flat-out dope. I bought it for 4500 and even though I have had to put a lot of money into it, it's been completely worth it.

Car handles great, turning radius isn't very sharp though.

Very quick acceleration, fully loaded, black with chrome details.

The thing is a Lexus. Enough said. I am 21-years old and I own a Lexus. I love it.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2002

1st Mar 2003, 19:46

A V6- 4 Cylinder, huh? A first for the automotive world. But I must agree with the fact that chicks dig the college guy-Lexus thing. Since the first day my ES300 has turned heads. I was barely 20 when I bought my first, and I am convinced for life.

18th May 2003, 11:20

Wow!!! It's surprising how much difference a name can make. (in regards to chick magnets) I own the exact same vehicle, only mine says Toyota Camry. :P I know it is the exact same vehicle, because the Lexus ES250 has the exact same engine and chassis as the 1990 Toyota Camry V6LE.

1990 Lexus ES 250 24 valve 4 cam V6 from North America


I'll never own anything but a Lexus from now on


The day after I got the car the power steering pump went out. A month later, the new power steering pump went out.

At 130,000 miles the E.G.R. valve had to be replaced.

Right side tail light had a short in it.

High pressure power steering hose leaks and needs to be replaced.

Speedometer cable broke at 145,000 miles.

General Comments:

My Lexus is a great car. It was affordable and one of the few decently priced used Lexus' you'll find. It's a great road car and despite a few problems has been very good to me.

The only problem with owning a Lexus is paying for the repairs. The cheapest repair was a $30.00 speedometer cable. The most expensive thus far, a $600.00 high pressure power steering hose that can only come from the dealer.

The ES250 is also very hard to find, which in turn, makes finding parts a bit difficult.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2001

31st Jul 2002, 15:03

I had the same power steering hose fail. It is a common problem with that car. But don't get ripped off by the dealer for $600. Sheez.

I went to a hydraulic hose repair company and they repaired the hose for $80. It's a little tricky taking it in and out, but you can do it yourself.

2nd Apr 2004, 02:44

I was wanting to do the power steering pump myself is it easier to get to from the under side because I just don't see it from the upper side. I have a leak, but need to track it down :/

10th Sep 2004, 13:00

My car's power steering high pressure hose is leaking. The auto shop want $100 for the hose and 5 hours labor for it. Is it reasonable. I checked autozone, the pressure hose is for $25. Is this hose the high pressure one. And I can't believe it will cost 5 hours to replace it.


3rd Sep 2005, 23:47

5 hours is very unreasonable. It should not take more than a half hour. An hour if you goof off.