2000 Lexus ES 300 3.0 from Australia and New Zealand


Very good car overall


Found that the driver's seat is sunken.

PCV valve.

Power steering was tighter.

General Comments:

I love cars, and I love to feel how different cars feel to drive. With my car history, one can easily conclude that.

I bought a Lexus ES300 for the second time.

I bought my first Lexus ES300 98 with 200,000 miles in hurry and I really liked it. Then I switched to BMW, which is not my type of car (tight steering!)

Well some time ago I wanted to buy a car that I wanted to keep for longer, and I was waiting for a Lexus or Honda Legend. I like comfortable cars rather than sports ones!

Then I found a Lexus ES300 2000 with only 110,000 km, single owner, no accidents, with log books, and I bought it.

I really love it.

I noticed a few bad things in this car and I took care of them.

PCV valve - I got a PCV valve from Amazon.

Sunken driver's seat - I replaced the driver's seat foam with a passenger seat foam (I got the passenger seat from one owner who was dismantling his damaged car).

Tight steering - I flushed the PS fluid may be 5-6 times, then I added Lubeguard (from Amazon) to the PS fluid and it has improved.

I tried different fuels. With 98 RON fuel the car runs smooth, but doesn't increase the Km much.

E10 makes the car sluggish, so I am filling it with 91 WITHOUT Ethanol.

I get around 400kms to tank with the A/C on.

So far I am enjoying this car.

Will add some more soon!

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Review Date: 29th March, 2014

2000 Lexus ES 300 3.2 V6 from North America


A piece of crap


I bought the car in January of 2012. Ever since then it's been all hell.

I first tested it, and it was amazing, drove like beast, very smooth, and very quiet. Bought it for $3500.

Now 5000 km later, the check engine light comes on with 4 codes. Fixed the O2 sensors for $500, and knock sensors for $700.

Drove for a good 2000 km, then another check engine light came on, so I fixed the MAF sensor for $210. Mind you, I took all these repairs to Lexus, biggest rip off of my life.

So then 3000 km later, another stupid check engine light came on. Took it to Lexus; it turned out I needed a timing belt, so I just said screw it, turned around and sold it for $1350.

So altogether, I spent 1410 in labour and part costs, and 500 getting it diagnosed at Lexus. I lost $4000 on this piece of junk in 4 months.

Toyota/Lexus, never again, and please don't make the same mistake I did; go buy yourself a Honda or Acura.

General Comments:

Absolutely nothing.

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Review Date: 21st April, 2012

21st Apr 2012, 21:19

The only mistake you made, was buying a 12 year old car already with well over 200K km, and expecting it to be like new. Toyota or no Toyota.

22nd Apr 2012, 02:29

I agree, I bought a 1997 Toyota Camry for $10,000 (this was about six years ago). The vehicle only had 50,000 km on the clock, and I spent $5,000 on the piece of rubbish in the time span of six months! So I sold it and bought a Volvo.

2000 Lexus ES 300 2.0L from North America


Unreliable piece of comfy couch junk


When I first bought the car, it had just be serviced, oil changed, timing belt just done at the dealership. The car had 134K on it.

At 139.9k, the transmission went completely out on me. I was told it would cost 3500 to replace.

I wouldn't buy this or any other Lexus again.

General Comments:

It's very comfortable and spacious, and has many bells and whistles, but as far as it being reliable, not so much at all.

The car has poor pick up, but the ride is smooth.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2011

14th Mar 2011, 06:07

You bought a high mileage vehicle. You cannot expect it to be bullet proof.

It's a risk one must assume when buying a used car with such a high mileage.

14th Mar 2011, 20:59

I've seen a Grand Prix and a Caravan with that kind of mileage and they're still shifting just fine. Was your car properly maintained before you bought it?

16th Mar 2011, 09:33

Buying a high mileage luxury car is generally a bad idea. People generally lease them for the first few years and drive the snot out of them, knowing quite well that they will be returning them back, only to get a new lease to beat the snot out of as well. I've seen and heard this opinion from luxury car owners time and time again.

Also, higher mileage luxury cars are appealing to teenagers who can also beat on their cars on a regular basis, and don't perform routine maintenance. I always buy 1 or 2 owner cars, and find out information about the previous owners, even when purchasing from a dealership. It's the only way to know IMO. Asking for service records from the Lexus dealership wouldn't hurt either. Take the VIN number to a Lexus dealer's service desk BEFORE purchasing.

27th Mar 2011, 13:33

I don't think the original poster did due diligence when he or she bought the car. It's too bad!