2000 Lexus ES 300 3.0 V6 from North America


Loves it!


Front passenger strut mount began making a metal-on-metal clanking sound around 94K. Found that to be a common issue with these models. Parts and labor for both front mounts: Lexus dealer > $600, Toyota > $400, Local mechanic $300.

Replaced tires @ 95000. Word to the wise, stick with the speed rating (I think it's V-rated) tires that are recommended by the manufacturer. They have a stiffer sidewall than the ones with a lower rating. I purchased a nice set of Goodyears (H-rated) on sale from TireRack.com. They look and ride nice, but if you put the Lexus recommended pressure in the tire, then they look under-inflated. Well if you put more air in the tire, then it rides hard like a go-cart.

General Comments:

Awesome ride... smooth, quiet, and it has a classy style. I love how smooth yet quickly it accelerates. It's not as crisp in the corners as the Euro imports, but it makes up for that in pick-up and comfort.

They aren't very common, you don't see one everywhere you turn like the Camry or the Accord but they are still very reliable. Love the frameless doors.

The only gripe I have about it is that the seating can be a tad bit uncomfortable for a left-handed driver. Other than that, it's near perfect.

I have the local Toyota dealer do most of my major work (timing belt, transmission flush, tune up) because they use the same parts and procedures as Lexus does, plus I save a TON of money. I take care of it and it returns the favor.

I intend to drive it for at least another 100,000+ miles.

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Review Date: 22nd March, 2008

2000 Lexus ES 300 from North America


Has anyone read the LEXUS COVENANT at??


Before reaching 40,000 miles, the following 'defects' were discovered and have been replaced:

Complete A/C system


Total Engine

Rack / pinion steering.

Also, due to wear, the brakes and bushings have been replaced, as well as two new sets of tires.

General Comments:

This is the third ES300 I've purchased from our city's (only) Lexus dealership, trading in my 1997 ES300 and paying the balance in cash. The defects began to surface by the second year of ownership. Nevertheless, last December, after the engine had to be replaced and I tried to trade in the car (with another Lexus because, with that history, no one else wanted it), Lexus (corporate) would not give any more than blue book value. All work has been under warranty and only the Lexus Service Department has touched the car. Each time it was repaired, I was told the car was now a "new car." However, the "new car" concept does not apply to trade in value.

This is my only means of transportation, and I'm just a bit uneasy about its reliability. I now own a car with 47K miles (and climbing) that has been rebuilt in the Lexus Service garage. And, since no other dealership / individual wants it, I have little choice than to buy another Lexus (?!). Call me old fashioned, but I had also expected to drive my car for a while, and hadn't planned and/or budgeted to replace it so soon.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2004

5th May 2005, 19:55

I had the same problem with my 1998 Es. I always give Lexus a chance though and now own 3 other Lexus, a total of 4 including my Es. I own an Ls, Es, Gs, and Rx and I love them all. One I've had since new and now have over 80,000miles and the car sill drive like the moment I took it off the lot. My Es was for sale for about a year before I realized no one would trust a car with a brand new engine that was replaced at 40,000miles so I plan on keeping it till it dies again. The new motors has 75,000miles and is running perfectly. I am wondering if when you needed the engine replaced how you could tell it needed to be done. I am from California and happened to be in Utah when the car started acting up. It was just eating oil and blowing out thick black smoke. It did make it back to California where Lexus said it needed to be replaced. Is this how yours started?