2000 Lexus GS 300 3.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Absolute rubbish, I was nervous every time I used the car... Buy a Volvo!


* Heater stopped working the first week I bought the car.

* The car overheated and the radiator went... I pulled over into a car park, and as I got out of it, I noticed a trail of coolant, which the dreaded vehicle had left behind.

* There was a very annoying issue with the starter motor the whole time I owned the vehicle.

* The driver's electric seat stopped working.

* The transmission had to be replaced (I just bought a used one from a wrecker as the unit was so expensive).

* The head lining was sagging.

* There was some odd issue with bulbs blowing in the head lights.

* One of the remotes stopped working completely. I had to go into the dealer to get a new key, which cost a huge amount of money.

* The car began leaking oil; this was the last straw and I sold it at the Auckland car fair for $2,500.

General Comments:

The vehicle is the worst I have ever owned. I was told that Lexus is a good choice if you want a reliable luxury car... In this case it definitely was not!

Break downs were a common problem, and whenever I took the car on a long trip, it was a nerve racking experience.

The worst break down happened one the Napier Taupo Road. I turned the car off as the traffic was very slow (my car made it even slower), and as the traffic began to finally move again, the car wouldn't start. I had always experienced starter motor problems with the car throughout the entire time I'd owned it, but this was bad. I got out of the car to find there was a long queue of vehicles behind me. Thankfully a truck driver helped me to start the vehicle. This took a long time and there were many aggravated drivers behind me.

The way the car drove was okay I guess. It was a bit of a whale on the road, and the interior was fairly comfortable. But I now know why vehicles like BMW, Audi and Volvo outsell Lexus, as they offer far better quality ride and materials.

I eventually sold the car in early March at the "Auckland Car Fair" for $2,500.

Owning a car like this was a tragic experience. It cost me a lot of money, which is a problem as most of the time I owned the vehicle I was a student paying rent and school fees, food, clothing etc for my three children. I should have kept the Volvo 850 I owned prior to this, which caused me no trouble whatsoever.

I will never buy another Lexus, and have replaced it with a 2006 Volvo S60, which consumers rave about on this website, and I am sure it won't cost me a bomb to run and be a worry whenever I drive it. I have owned the Volvo for a month (in the first month I owned the Lexus, the heater clapped out).

Thank you for reading... I hope this review drives you away from Lexus and into a Volvo.


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Review Date: 22nd May, 2013

22nd May 2013, 22:57

Both brands have gone down hill since the '90s...

23rd May 2013, 08:55

You can say that again, facts are facts!

24th May 2013, 05:26

If that is the case, then we're doomed! Lexus was what Mercedes build quality and durability were before the '90s. And if the otherwise well-disciplined Japanese couldn't make increasingly complicated cars that meet the legal/emissions requirements reliable, then buy whatever you want, because you're going to pay either way.

2000 Lexus GS 400 4.0L V8 from North America


This car is pretty, fast and flawed


Front suspension noise at 154000 KM. Frightening metal on metal squeaking appeared after new shocks were installed.

General Comments:

Lexus built a generally great car, and then put a terrible front suspension system in it. If you look at other sources, you'll find front suspension complaints are the most common.

It's a hybrid strut - control arm design that has the worst characteristics of both. All the parts are cast-iron, so they are heavy and transmit shocks into the body. The lower rear arm positions its bushing 90-degrees to its normal direction of travel, so it places stress on the lower ball-joint.

Then they specify low profile tires to further increase the stress on the system and shocks through the body. This is neither a luxury car - too stiff, too noisy, nor is it a sports sedan - bad suspension design and geometry.

Too bad because it's a reliable (except front suspension), attractive, well-made and comfortable car. I'm actually afraid to drive it now, even though two different dealers have inspected the front end and say it's fine.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2011

24th Sep 2011, 15:31

An update: I've replaced upper and lower ball-joints (the upper includes the whole arm and bushing assembly) and the shocks, and after a week - the squeak is back! I've spent $2,000 chasing this, and no-one can determine what the problem is.