7th Jun 2013, 03:58

Hi reviewer here.

Yes to the above comment... The roads in New Zealand are very similar to those in the UK, and I completely agree with your comments on the lack of quality in American cars; they do not suit New Zealand at all.

Also... To the person who commented saying that they have read reviews posted from New Zealanders who were pleased with the quality of their cars; they are mostly enthusiasts or something, because as I have previously mentioned, there are barely any of them on the roads in this part of the world.

Every now and again I might see a Chrysler 300C or a Dodge, but the owners of these cars will be paying a lot for service and maintenance, because they are just simply not popular over here! People do not want them, because they do not suit the roads and are not up to the standard of quality in say a Honda or a Volvo in our opinion... These American cars obviously suit America, so I will agree with you on that, but just bear in mind the differences between our cultures.

7th Jun 2013, 20:38

American cars are not popular in NZ due to the fact that there are no dealerships there to buy them new, because the US does not export them to certain countries. Also, the steering wheel on the left side doesn't make driving them very easy.

With that said, it has NOTHING to do with the quality of American cars. European models are no better. They cost a fortune to fix when they break down, even with the parts available anywhere at any parts store in the US.

8th Jun 2013, 21:39

Hi reviewer here.

There are actually dealerships for American cars in New Zealand... No Lincolns though, and the ones that are here sell barely anything; their steering wheels are on the right hand side though.

By the way, European cars do not cost much to maintain or fix over here, as they are very popular.