16th Jun 2007, 10:55

"This comment was written my an Lexus dealer"

You don't have to be a Lexus dealer to realize that buying unreliable, and expensive to fix German cars for performance that SLIGHTLY surpasses Japanese cars (Prelude, Maxima, IS300, GS300) is not very bright. I've had a BMW 325i 740i, and a 2001 c240 Benz. The 325i was more or less reasonable as far as reliability and maintenance goes. But the 740 and the Benz, I wanted to set them on fire in the dealer's garage! $800 service visits and catalytic converters that run close to $2000 is unbelievable. I finally bought a 2000 Gs 300, and swore never to own a German car again... "German cars watch out!" - DAMN STRAIGHT.

27th Jun 2010, 08:32

I recently purchased 02 GS300 with 78,000 miles on it for just little over 12 grand, which was a basement bargain.

First, I owned a 98 A4 and Acura RL in previous years. I had chance to drive E class Mercedes also. Biggest difference is the build quality and solid feel of this car.

Secondly, the engine is velvet buttersmooth and quiet. Road manners on the highway are top notch. Taking corners isn't as good as a BMW however. I had so much more confidence with BMWs, Audi and E-class that it keeps reminding me to slow down in turns.

So here are the basics. My favorite features of this car are safety most importantly. It offers side curtains and all the gizmos to lower your insurance costs.

The gas mileage sucks as far as I see it. I think it gets around 20-24 mpg, but not really sure. I do mostly highway driving so...

Do I recommend it? Yes, for folks who want a comfortable, safe, reliable, quiet car, but not for younger folks who desire more spirited driving.

12th Sep 2010, 20:24

I agree with you that the gas mileage sucks due to the engine being a straight six (same as the is200), and it does corner like rubbish, but I definitely disagree that the GS300 is not for spirited driving, especially when red line is at 6500rpm. I honestly find it difficult not to rev the guts out of it, because it loves it so much.

Other people have commented that the accelerator is far too touchy, and the car lurches forward when the accelerator is only pressed softly. Are you using 98 octane petrol?