7th Jul 2005, 22:12

This is in response to the previous comment about the trans slipping when the car is not warmed up. I purchased a 98 GS400 about a month ago, with approx 86,000 miles. It is my first Lexus and I have really enjoyed it so far. But I have experienced exactly the same thing with the trans on several occasions. In addition, I have also experienced some slight hesitation in the acceleration if I've been coasting for a few seconds and then hit the gas again. I plan on taking it in soon for a checkup, but it's somewhat comforting to know that it may be characteristic of the car and not just a problem with mine. Comments from anyone else on their similar experiences would be welcome. Thanks.

8th Jul 2007, 23:56

I have a 1998 GS400. I buy and sell cars. If you are reading this to buy one listen to me. I believe this is the best car in its class and the best car I ever owned. It will beat any Benz, BMW and Cadillac with its performance. The ride is very smooth and the A/C is Alaska Cold. I have 20 inch rims installed and it gets lots of attention. It drives very smoothly even with 20 inch rims. The seats are comfortable. The radio and speakers sound clean. I don't think I will ever buy any other car unless it's another GS. It's sporty and luxurious. I have been reading some of the comments about transmission slipping, etc... I don't have this issue at all. The minute I start the car it's ready to go. The A/C output is cold immediately. If you are looking for your next car, this is it.

10th Oct 2007, 22:30

I have a GS400 with about 133k, and when I try to burn rubber at cold start it will not do it. I believe this is really normal. When then reach 1\4 ways up the fun begins LOL. And yes it is a performer.